Writing Contracts To Lifting Weights by Tiffany Upshaw

Writing Contracts To Lifting Weights by Tiffany Upshaw

I always knew I was going to be someone or something great, but I could never find it within myself to know exactly what that something was. When you’re young, you always have these high hopes and dreams to go off to college, get your degree, and literally walk off the graduation stage and right into a several figure job, living life happily ever after. Well, in the real world, we all have so many different paths to choose but it’s not always about finding something that you like to do, it’s finding something that you truly love and have a passion for; it’s your calling.

It was 2008 and I was a 21yr. old student at Edison State College, obtaining my Associate in Arts Degree. I was working around my school schedule as a real estate agent for about a year and talk about a tough schedule to balance! I was receiving calls from my clients in the middle of my classes to inquire about visiting properties and anyone who knows the real estate business, knows that when a client wants something, you deliver and make it ASAP! Needless to say, I was doing all that I could to make school and my career work for me and try to remain sane at the same time, but that type of business is 24/7/365 and when money calls, you run!

After nearly working myself overtime, I stayed in school but decided to stop practicing real estate as it was too demanding of me, my time, and my focus. I literally didn’t know what else I wanted to do as a career. I thought I had everything all planned out for myself; to continue college and make a great living in real estate and it took me awhile to see exactly what I had a drive to do as my next “career path”. I would stay up so many nights just researching careers and did several attempts at different things but nothing seemed of any interest to me until one night, it was just one of those late and desperate nights of researching that my ‘calling’ fell right into my lap.

It was the days of MySpace, a pretty popular social network at the time and I remember my attention span drifting away from researching and onto my profile page just skimming through my friends profiles until I saw I had a message in my inbox. I clicked on the message, read it, and notice that it had been from a gentleman who worked for the supplement company, Optimum Nutrition & American Bodybuilding, asking if I would be interested in being an Endorsed Athlete & Fitness Model for the company.

Now, after reading it, I instantly thought that it was some random guy just trying to lure me into a fake opportunity especially since I had no experience whatsoever in the fitness/bodybuilding industry, but however did have some modeling experience.

I kindly reply back to him stating that I did have an interest in the opportunity and asked what I needed to do to proceed. He wrote back saying that he would send over a contract, that I should read it over and if I agree to it and still had an interest, to sign it and send it back to him. I printed out the contract, read it and also decided to have my friends mother, who was an attorney, read it and let me know if it was legit. Turns out, that contract was as legit as they come and that was to be my ticket to a whole new beginning!

Writing Contracts To Lifting Weights by Tiffany Upshaw

In October of 2008, I was officially an Endorsed Athlete and Fitness Model with Optimum Nutrition & American Bodybuilding. I was ecstatic but I didn’t even know where to start, what to do, or how to represent a fitness supplement company especially with no type of “bodybuilding” physique except for a small 125lbs cheerleader type build that I’d had since high school. I immediately got with a trainer and began to learn and teach myself about nutrition and fitness. I saw the other ladies that were a part of the company and knew that in order to make this a success; I needed a body like the rest of the girls on “Team ON/ABB” and was determined to get it so that I could look and be the part.

It was 2009 and the first year that the NPC (National Physique Committee) had implemented a “Bikini” division for women who wanted that toned and fit look instead of hard muscle. I loved the ‘toned bikini’ look that they wanted so after months of training and transforming my body into something phenomenal, I decided to enter into the NPC’s Bikini division and compete for the first time. Not only did I bring my body to the best shape of my life but I took first place in my class! At this moment it was when I realized that the fitness industry was something that I never knew I could have had a love and passion for, but I did know that I had found something that I could be that ‘someone or something great’.

Since then, I’ve become an entrepreneur and am one of the Co-Founders of The Scoopie; a scoop that has a funnel on the side that eliminates the use for a paper funnels and messes when trying to pour a powdered supplement (protein, baby formula, pre-workout) in a container with a small spout.

It is sold in nutrition stores and gyms within the United States, and is now on Amazon.com! That opportunity back in 2008 has truly changed my life and motivated me to grow to become a staple within the fitness industry.

So you see it’s about having patience and accepting good opportunities that come to you. I went from sitting in an office writing contracts, to sitting on a weight bench doing shoulder presses. My passion manifested to me and I found my love for something that has currently brought me great success. I’ve competed numerous times in the bikini division and am now nationally qualified to compete and become an IFBB Bikini Professional. I am thankful every day that I am a major inspiration to people from all walks of life who want to change their life and their habits for a healthier future.

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Written by Tiffany Upshaw

I'm an Optimum Nutrition, team ABB, ProTan endorsed athlete and fitness model. A national level NPC bikini competitor, part of Team Blade and co-founder of The Scoopie.


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