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Who Are You Doing This For? by Gaby Sink

Who are you doing this for?

Many have asked me why I do what I do, or how I have the drive to keep going. I have only one answer. I am doing this for me.

Growing up I was the thinnest and tallest in my class. All the way through high school I sat at about a buck twenty with not an ounce of fat on me. I played organized sports like volleyball and basketball through middle school and early high school. Having the body of an athlete, I didn’t really care about anything.

My mom has always been my biggest supporter. She currently suffers from a variety of diseases I wish would just disappear. After she had me, she was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Back then she was well controlled with medications. That was just the beginning though. The thyroid disease brought on a series of different things. Doctors were unable to control her thyroid hormone for a while, causing her to gain weight. When I was in early high school, she was diagnosed with SVT (supraventricular tachycardia) which caused her heart to race so fast she felt like she was having a heart attack, sending her to the ER several times. Later on she was also diagnosed with type two diabetes. That one really hit me hard….. This is my mother, the most beautiful woman I know – and she now suffers from one of the top killing diseases.

Shortly after she was diagnosed, I moved to Houston with my then boyfriend (now husband). After a year or so, I hadn’t realized it, but I had gained a solid 40 pounds. I never got on the scale so I didn’t realize it, not to mention my clothes still fit me – or so I thought. Ok, ok so my breasts were bigger and I was like – what is going on?

None of it hit me until I saw myself in a photo wearing a bikini – rocking some serious saddlebags, big tummy and a chunky face.

My first reaction was “OH NO……”

My husband kind of let me know then – that I was getting chunky.

Chunky???!!! I was almost 50 pounds overweight, I don’t want to say that I was fat, but at that moment, that is how I felt.

It didn’t take me too long to realize, that wasn’t me. What had I done? I was headed straight down the path of obesity, partying every weekend, eating fast food and drinking countless sodas throughout the day. I quickly made the change.

We joined a gym. I threw out all the crap food we had and we started from scratch.

I have not looked back. I found myself working out every day until I literally felt guilty if I missed a day. What a crazy feeling that was! About 6 months after I started, I had lost all the weight I had packed on. It was an amazing feeling to be in my usual weight range, where I was comfortable.

I started competing in 2011. I was officially addicted after my second show when I moved on to competing in the NPC, here in great state of Texas where bodybuilding and every division in it is extremely competitive. I myself am in the bikini division, where the judging gets weird. You really never know what the judges will be looking for. I have done eight shows and all my critiques have been different. I make it a point to come in at my very best.

Competing is unlike anything I ever imagined. Bikini girls see glitzy, glamorous and dangerously curvy. Going through getting the spray tan on which is extremely sticky and uncomfortable, to buying your custom bikini, getting beautified the morning of the show is what I love most! The experience of competing is amazing, especially when you are in a team. I am very happy to say I am on Team Bombshell, one of the top training teams in the world. They helped me bring my best to my last few shows. Every girl needs a support group for this sort of thing, and being on a team gives you all the support you will ever need.

So after working out for 3-4 years, I no longer sit at 120 pounds. I gladly weigh 140 -145 pounds. That’s right ladies, muscle weighs more than fat and over the past few years I’ve accumulated a good amount and I am very proud. I rarely look at the scale, I don’t feel like I really need to anymore. I eat healthy and work out daily, which is what matters most to me.

Make time to make the lifestyle changes in your life. I know what its like to be busy. I have a full time job, I train every day, I do posing sessions with bikini girls, I train others, and I work for a supplement company on top of that. Oh did I mention I’m married? Yeah I know we can all agree that’s like working a double.

This journey is mine. Whether I place at the shows, doesn’t matter. It is a personal accomplishment. I want to be healthy I want to be around for my husband, future kids and my parents, especially my mom. I know she will need me someday and I want to be strong enough to aid to her.

So make it a point to really think about why you are doing this and who its for. It will keep you motivated.

This is your journey. Lead it to the finish line.

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Written by Gaby Sink

I'm an NPC bikini competitor and team bombshell athlete.


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