What Is Success? How Is It Measured? by Jenn Zerling Real Talk Real Women Book

What Is Success? How Is It Measured? by Jenn Zerling

What does it mean to be successful?  How do we measure success?  It isn’t tangible, so how do we know we achieved it?  Gosh, just when we view the guy or gal next door as a very successful person, we find out later that he or she wasn’t as successful as we first thought.  How is this possible; I always wondered.

As I go through life, I realize more and more that success is something that we each determine on our own.  The most successful people in life aren’t the ones who make a certain dollar amount each year, rather, they are the ones who find joy in every day, and in the things they do, including their work.  Successful people are the ones who balance work and play, keep their bodies and minds fit and feel ready whenever a task is presented to them.  This person doesn’t stress about money, rather (s)he thinks about ways to earn it.  This person never stresses about deadlines or obligations to family, rather (s)he practices good time management skills.  This person never sees work as work, rather (s)he feels like the job is a conduit of self expression.

Being successful is an attainable state of being no matter who you are and what you do.  I am realizing this more and more every day.  This is what I find joy in teaching to others.  In fact, my success as a fitness expert, isn’t in the number of clients I train or the amount of wellness programs I run.  My success is measured on how well my teachings are received by my “students” and how well they do with my plan.  My goal is to teach people how to reach a state of self actualization, the ability to fulfill your potential and become all that you are capable of becoming.  When my students/clients lose weight (from fat not muscle) and claim a state of self actualization, my heart explodes with joy like fireworks on the 4th of July.  I thrive on knowing that I am able to provide the appropriate tools for individuals to effectively shift their lifestyle so that they can ultimately achieve a healthy way of life.

As I realized my gift of compassion for people who struggle toward optimum health, I began expanding my personal training business to include more hands on education.  My master’s degree in Kinesiology concluded with a thesis which yielded a successful “Fitness for 30 Minutes” interval program for kids.  I’ve presented this program to physical education teachers around the nation at the American Alliance of Health Physical Education Recreation and Dance (AAHPERD) conferences.  In addition, I am teaching physicians how to motivate unmotivated patients at the Age Management Medical Group (AAMG) conference.  My goal with these two national conferences was to show teachers and practitioners how to take coaching, training or guidance to the next level for those they come in contact with.  I believe in sharing my success with others so that they too can be successful with the people they work with.

My journey has crossed paths with many influential people that I have had the pleasure of diving into conversations that stimulated and continue to stimulate my expertise in areas that I never imagined.  For example, if you had asked me 5 years ago about writing a book, I wouldn’t have even thought of it as a possibility.  However, on my way to a conference in 2010, I had the chance to meet an author who convinced me that I would write not one, but several books.  I told him that it would be so neat if I can create a toolbox of strategies for change that can be used throughout a weight loss journey.  I wanted to expand my voice beyond the boundaries of my geographic allowing individuals the opportunity to own a good lifestyle adjustment workbook.  Breaking the Chains of Obesity, 107 Tools was born in March 2011.  The title comes from my beautiful mother who told me she was proud of my accomplishments and success.  Coping with her own overweight struggles virtually her entire life, she told me that I am the first generation in our family to have broken the habits or chains of what has been a perpetual cycle of obesity for generations. Hence, Breaking the Chains of Obesity!  Mom read my book and lost 35 pounds.  While she has not yet arrived at her goal, she has incorporated many of the fundamentals that she learned from the book into her life.  This is indicative of true success.

Corporate wellness programs are increasing as a result of healthcare reforms.  For this reason, I have formulated a program for corporations which include my coaching, training, and the use of Breaking the Chains of Obesity, 107 Tools as my premier workbook.  The true success of a corporate wellness program is seeing transformation in the employees, and more so with the leaders of the company.  My work with South Bay BMW in California is proof that when the leaders are on board with healthy lifestyle behaviors, the rest of the team will follow, or eventually become influenced to join in.  Since most staff spend between eight to ten hours per day at BMW, it was important to establish a healthy work environment that allows them opportunities for success in their weight loss journeys.  As soon as I enter their building, my focus is on attending to the needs of each employee I come in contact with, from start to finish of each session.  As a result of their successes with this corporate wellness program, they think clearer, feel better, look better, and are more tolerant of the day to day challenges of the business.  Experiencing their successes validates my own success.

Publishing my book, has inspired me to expand into additional writing opportunities.  I am now credited for writing for national publications, and developed my own blog www.jzfitness.com.

I’m also a member of two not-for-profit organizations; The American Diabetes Association (ADA) and Matthew Mcconaughey’s JK Livin program.  These two venues allow me continued success as a humanitarian.  My time is spent with the ADA as a lecturer on fitness and nutrition for people who live with diabetes.  For JK Livin, I was hired on to share my fitness expertise with high school students in their afterschool program.  This is very rewarding work.  All of the JK Livin staff utilizes Breaking the Chains of Obesity, 107 Tools as part of their afterschool program curriculum.

The bottom line is this: you must possess passion for what you do in order to be successful.  My passion to help people allows me to think outside of the box and bring things from good to great.  You can’t fake what I do.  You either love it or you don’t.  If I wasn’t passionate about helping people, then there is no way I can transfer my energy to another person and add to their success.

Patience, persistence and perseverance, along with passion and compassion are what make JZ successful.

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Written by Jenn Zerling

I'm the Author of Breaking the Chains of Obesity, 107 tools, fitness expert, national presenter, former captain of Varsity cheerleading, and a very lovable girl!


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