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Wellness Expert And Entrepreneur Christine Bullock: “I Believe It Takes Discipline To Achieve Any Goal”

This article was first seen on the Huffington Post. For this installment, we are joined by Christine Bullock.

Let’s start off with a general introduction. How would you describe yourself, what are you all about and how did you get involved in health and fitness?

Hi, thank you for having me. I have a bit of a multi-dimensional career. I am a fitness and health expert first and foremost. I have been training clients for over 15 years in many fields of fitness, but my main focus is on exercise that incorporates short effective workouts which increase mobility and flexibility. I’ve created multiple DVD programs, making my expertise available globally in Evolution 20, Super Shred, Body Reborn Postnatal Program, 10 Minute Solution: Butt Lift and 30 x30 Total Transformation. I also write for magazines and work as a television host as a wellness expert. Most recently I created a body skincare brand name Kayo Better Body Care with my business partner Carrington Snyder. We’ve already won an award for the “Best Cellulite Treatment” from the Shape Magazine Beauty Awards.

I began ballet at the age of 3, moved on to massage therapy and yoga at 17, then continued to travel the world working in many fields of beauty and fitness. The art of movement and health has always interested me. I believe health is your greatest wealth. You can have everything else in life but if you are stuck in a bed, it can’t be enjoyed. When I am in optimal health I make the most positive impact on my family, my friends, my career and ultimately on the world around. I’m passionate about providing people with with a simple outline for ultimate health mentally, physically and emotionally that allows them to live their best life.

Do you ever have times where you find it difficult to stick to your schedule, how do you handle those situations?

My schedule is always changing last minute because I run multiple businesses in the fitness and beauty industry. I might have to shoot a tv segment, write an article, design a new product, or answer client emails – it is always changing, but I don’t mind at all. I figure God will help me accomplish what is supposed to be accomplish in a day’s time. I make sure to get up early enough to get my workout before the work day begins. If I need to sleep in, I take a little time around sunset to walk the dogs and chill out.

You’re a Pilates and Yoga instructor, can you explain the main differences between the two and what each of them help you accomplish?

I believe Pilates is the base for all movement (even yoga) and everyone should have a talented private Pilates instructor. Pilates is non-impact movement that uses resistance training to align postural movements, tone all over, and increase mobility and flexibility. A great instructor helps you to move in a better alignment, which then transfers to how you move on a daily basis in life or any other sport. This helps to avoid injuries and just makes you move more youthfully.

You’re also an expert in Pre- and Postnatal nutrition and fitness. What are the most important things, first time mothers need to know about this subject?

I trained with a doula and I believe it’s smart for first time mothers to have a doula assist them through the pregnancy and in the delivery room. They have so much wisdom that the physicians and staff sometimes don’t share. For instance, it’s great using fitness throughout the pregnancy but did you know too much core work can potentially make the delivery harder?

Christine Bullock Real Talk Real Women

There are specific exercises I teach clients in order to keep them tone while opening up the pelvis to allow for a more supportive delivery. Have you heard that you should only begin pushing once dilated to an 8/9 or 10cm? If you begin pushing too early the cervix can swell and this makes it harder for the baby to push it’s way through, even once they have made into the proper position. Instead use body rolls, cat/cows, etc to move the baby into the proper position then push.

Lastly, have you heard of delayed clamping? Waiting 5-10 minutes to cut the umbilical cord, it greatly enhances the nutrients from mother to baby through the cord. I’m not a physician, so always check with your doctor, but these are just a few pieces of advice I’ve learned from doulas and midwives during my years of training.

Not only do you teach people about fitness and nutrition, you’ve also worked with some of the world’s most renowned business owners in skin care, makeup and plastic surgery.

You traveled the world and educated medical professionals about anti aging technology. You’ve met countless men and women and have spoken to them about their health and beauty needs, what is the one question around this subject that they never ask you that you feel they really should?

The experts I work with are constantly asking me for my fitness, nutritional advice, and even business development. The people I spend my time with are gracious and inquisitive. We are all constantly learning from each other.

And what about inner beauty? Do you feel that beauty is something of both body and mind? How does one nurture the mind?

I believe no matter how tone your abs or long your lashes are, inner beauty is what stops a person in their tracks. Inner beauty radiates from the individual and attracts anyone within their radar. Inner beauty is developed through achieving personal acceptance during life’s experiences. I personally find time each day to connect to myself through prayer, meditation and breathing exercises. I feel present in my daily tasks, appreciative for all the parts of my life (even the challenges) and happy. I’ll pick true understanding and joy in my daily lives are more important than the size of our waistline.

As a coach, you’ve worked with many people, what is the one thing that holds people back from achieving their fitness goals?

I believe it takes discipline to achieve any goal. There will be days you wake up energized and ready for a workout and days you aren’t motivated to workout. You need weekly workouts and a healthy diet, no matter what your mood. Discipline takes planning. Schedule your workouts in your calendar and prep your meals on Sunday each week so it becomes a routine to live a happy healthy lifestyle.

Christine Bullock Real Talk Real Women

If you look back at your career, what are you most proud of, this far?

I am very proud of all 5 of the fitness programs I have created. However, my newest journey, Kayo Better Body Care, has been so exciting and rewarding. Creating Kayo was the first time I teamed up with a business partner. Working with her, has been one of the biggest joys and inspiring. We have developed something not present in the market with clean but effective body care. Our products are so effective we have been featured in most magazines and won an award for Best Cellulite Treatment from the Shape Magazine Beauty Awards. I have learned so much more about all aspects of business and worked with so many more inspiring women during this journey.

Name 3 things people don’t know about you.

  1. I eat hummus and avocados every day.
  2. I worked in sales and as a National Trainer at Sephora for over 5 years through college.
  3. My husband and I are both from Pittsburgh, but I met him in a bar in Los Angeles as soon as I moved here.

And can you talk a little about your short term and long term goals?

I wake up everyday and pray for God’s wisdom, favor and protection over myself and my family. My short term goals are to hear from him on my daily tasks. I accomplish so much more when I tune in and flow through the tasks of the day with His guidance.

My long term goals are are to continue to listen to God on a daily basis. He gives me the creative ideas for products, He leads me toward fruitful business ventures and away from the bad ones, and He brings the right people into my life so my businesses (and myself) continue to grow.

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