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Top 10 Tips On Living A Better Life by Nicole Moneer

Here are my top 10 tips on living a better life:

Tip 1:
It’s not always about you. Stop reacting and escalating situations with loved ones or colleagues. Step back. Inhale deeply and slowly. Listen to others, be compassionate and validate the other person’s feelings. Most people aren’t complaining or nagging (even though it may come across that way), most people have hurt feelings that need to be expressed.

Tip 2:
Stop putting your work and Internet before people. Those things will be around forever the important people in your life will not. Most people just wanted to be loved more. They want your time. They want your undivided attention. They want you to be a part of their life.

Tip 3:
It’s ok to say I can’t. It’s ok to say I’m not strong enough. It’s ok to lean on other people. It’s ok to be vulnerable. It wasn’t until my Mom’s death last year in 2012 that I finally did this. It feels good to let someone else take care of you. It feels good to let others know I’m human and I can’t do it all. It feels good to let others love me and embrace me during some of my weakest life moments.

Tip 4:
You’ll survive. You always have and you always will. Everything may not happen how you want it. No matter how bad things get enjoy the life lesson and the strength you gain along the way.

Tip 5:
Start looking in the mirror. Stop pointing the finger out. Work on yourself not other people and others things. Unhappiness is a disease. You always have the power to change and be happy. You can only change and better yourself, if you want to.

Nicole Moneer

Tip 6:
Tell your parents siblings spouse children significant other and closest friends how much you love them and appreciate them. Tell them what you admire about them. Compliment them. Give them praise. If you can’t say it write it in a card or an email. Then they’ll have those awesome words forever to look at. My mom saved so many cards that my father brother & I gave her. She knew we loved her so much and we knew she appreciated us in return.

Tip 7:
Practice saying I’m sorry. Be sincere. I used to suck at apologies. The better I got at them the better my life got.

Tip 8:
Let people in. There are angels that walk this earth everyday. It sucks to put a wall up to everyone. I’m so glad I’ve let my walls down…slowly, to allow so many angels into my life. Two of my best friends Stacy & Staci to name a few…when I first met them I didn’t trust them. I had my walls up for various reasons. They are two of the best people that entered my adult life. I’m so glad I let them in.

Tip 9:
Reach out to people, with love. Most people may think you’re just too busy for them or that you will reject them and say no if they each out to you.

Tip 10:
Fall in love with yourself especially before adding another person to your life or falling in love with another. The single life can teach you exactly what you need as an individual and in a relationship. It can also teach you what you need to bring to a relationship and areas you need to work on in order to have a healthy successful relationship.

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Written by Nicole Moneer

I'm a NASM-CPT and Chek holistic lifestyle coach at life time fitness in Chicago, a athlete, an IFBB Bikini Pro & Olympian, as well as an internationally published fitness model & writer with more than a decade of experience.


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