The Three C’s Of Fitness Success by Christine Anderson

The Three C’s Of Fitness Success by Christine Anderson

COMMITMENT, CONSISTENCY, and a CAN-DO ATTITUDE are important in achieving and maintaining your fitness goals.  When you combine these three qualities with achievable goals, you will begin to see the fruits of your labor in your fitness journey.  Many times I see a client’s fitness journey begin to positively influence other areas of their life: better time management and built up confidence levels which then permeates into their careers and relationships.  I’m not trying to be negative but the opposite holds true, too.  If you fail to be committed, consistent, and apply a can-do attitude to your fitness goals, your frustration will be felt in the day-to-day things of your life!

A personal COMMITMENT to your fitness success must be paramount in your life. As a mother, putting the needs of our children comes first and we would go to great lengths to protect them.  I’m not saying your fitness goals should come before your children, what I am saying is being healthier and feeling better does require you to place your needs high on the list. I’m a firm believer that a healthy mom is a happy mom. No one else will do it for you so YOU must make that decision and stick with it no matter what.  When I perform a consultation, I will ask on a scale of 1 to 10, what is their commitment level to their training and nutrition program, 1 being not committed and 10 being very committed?  Personal trainers are a great source to push, motivate, and hold you accountable but having a commitment level that is less than 8 may become a struggle for you and a waste of money.  If hiring a Personal Trainer is not possible at the time, telling a close friend of your fitness goal puts the accountability out there and will cause you to think twice before ordering fries with your shake.  Commitment starts with a simple, realistic goal.  If your goal is to lose 50lbs and you decide you want to lose that in 2 months, this is not only unrealistic but becomes discouraging if not lost within the time frame you set.  It’s probably a better idea to break up the 50lb into a smaller number, say 15lbs in 2 months where the goal is achievable. Losing 1-2lbs per week may not sound exciting but it is an achievable and healthier approach versus a quick weight loss, which is normally due to a fad diet or severe calorie restriction.  In order to attain your long-term vision, you must be able to conquer your short-term vision and before you know it, you will compete in your very first fitness competition!

CONSISTENCY in your fitness program can lead to a lifestyle change that will help you to keep the results you worked so hard for.  Every person I know that is on their way to achieving their fitness goal will have setbacks.  This is part of the process and completely normal, and when this happens get back on track and keep moving forward.  Have more good days than bad days and the outcome will always get you to your goal.  Before I had my daughter, Nohea, I was schedule driven (some things never change even after she was born).  Then when I gave birth to her, with her eating schedule and my eating schedule, I became a schedule-holic!  I found myself eating every 3 hours, she’s eating every 2 hours, and this eating business became a full time job between the two of us!  The consistency of properly fueling the body gave me the energy needed to be efficient and get great workouts.  Not only are you feeling better at home, work, or school, your energy- fueled workouts are helping your body burn calories.  Time management becomes your best friend because you are making healthy eating and workouts part of your life.  Most health experts say it takes 21 days to break a habit. So while you are diligently working to break an old habit, you are also in the process of developing new healthy habits.  Some basic consistencies you can begin with are to eat 4-5 meals a day and spread them every 2-3 hours.  Time your workout meals so you eat 45 minutes – 1 hour before a workout and within 30 minutes post workout.  If your body is properly fueled and hydrated for your pre and post workout, you created a fat burning window for the body.

When starting a fitness journey, it starts off as a physical feat but the longer you are on this journey it becomes more of a mental challenge to push through the really tough moments.  Approach every fitness goal with a CAN-DO ATTITUDE!

You know you need to be committed and consistent, but sometimes we can be our worst enemy in our mind. We place everyone else’s needs in front of ours but we need to be stronger than that and DO IT.  I call it, ‘mentally checking in’ or ‘get your head in the game’.

Your work, school, and home environment can positively or negatively affect the way you think and feel.  Choose to be around those that will support you and your new lifestyle.  If you don’t have a support system, stay focused on your goal and as you start getting results these non-supporters will either leave you alone or become fans.

Set a short and long term goal for yourself, next set a vision of what you want to look like.  I’m a visual person and like to have an idea of what I want to look like. It motivates me to work towards what I think is an ideal image in my head.

You know, like sticking a fitness model’s photo on the fridge to deter you from opening it to search for something you aren’t supposed to eat?  All of us have an idea of what we would like to look like, before you know it you created your own fitness image and you are now a successful before and after story.

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Written by Christine Anderson

I'm a personal trainer, fitness coach, business owner, busy wife and mother to one extraordinary girl!


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