The Power Of Self Love by Dashama

Self Love is fundamental to living a good life. Whether you strive to be successful in your career, to have positive supportive relationships or to create excellent health and live a long fulfilling life, everything improves when we learn to love ourselves unconditionally. In this chapter, “The Power of Self Love” I share with you my top self love tips and the direct and immediate effect they can have to improve every aspect of your life, if applied and practiced consistently.

Each of us is born a perfect miracle of life manifest as a result of an instantaneous and divinely appointed union of egg and sperm. The true journey begins for our soul, as we take our first breath and experience the first separation from our creator, who at that time is in form as our mother.

According to yogic philosophy, we then proceed to spend the remainder of our life seeking to return to that state of perfect connection with our source. The journey from that state of miraculous divine perfection to self-love and gratitude for this life is not always easy. Life throws us curve balls, challenges, obstacles and it is our opportunity each and every day to choose love.

Theoretically, it sounds easy: Just choose love. Love yourself and love everyone else and be happy, successful and blessed.

So, if life can be that simple and easy, why don’t we all just do that? The answer exists in our subconscious mind.

As we begin to develop our consciousness, in childhood, every experience we encounter is stored in our subconscious mind, sometimes referred to as unconscious mind. This is where the roots of our self-loathing and low self-esteem are planted.

There are some powerful ways I have discovered you can get to the deepest and most stubborn roots to eradicate suffering and peel the layers to reveal your true self that is divine perfection manifest in physical form. It is my responsibility to share these with you, since our only true responsibility in this life is to be happy and when we find what can alleviate suffering to help others to be happy, it is the greatest gift to pass that along. As we alleviate our own misery and pain, we in effect alleviate all of the pain in the world.

1. Let go of ego desire and be true to yourself. Your body, mind, heart and soul work together in a magical way to guide you through this journey of life. When we block our own intuition by living in our ego desire, we create suffering and disconnect from our true self. As we let go of ego desire and allow divine will to flow freely through us, we have no other option other than happiness, which is our true nature.

2. Take time immediately and daily for metta meditation, which is a practice of loving kindness where you send love, peace and happiness out to all beings in the world. This sharing of unconditional love awakens the same unconditional love for your own self, as you are just one of the billions of others you are sending love to, and you will start to see yourself as interconnected to all beings, thus creating a field of love and support energetically from all beings and to all beings all the time.

3. Smile, laugh, play, yoga, move, swim, dance, sing, make love and eat raw chocolate. When you allow yourself to experience the pleasures of life, you remind your soul of the innocence and joy of living. This is very important, as mind, body and soul must be united often to maintain that perfect connection and the more often you make this connection, the stronger it gets and the better you will feel about yourself.

4. Make love daily. This is not a sexual proclamation, although if you are in a divine relationship, if you can make that a practice to unite daily with your beloved, in sacred union, by all means, do that! But what I am referring to is to make love with life. You can experience the same level of orgasmic bliss in silent meditation as you can making love with a partner, and when you achieve that state of samadhi meditation, you can sustain the sensation much longer than when in union with another person. The key to this is not to become attached to the experience or sensation, however. You take that essence, the energy of love and divine connection, the feeling of aliveness, and carry it with you all the time, in every moment. You carry the vibration of love and you become loving kindness. This is a tantric practice and it can serve you infinitely as you journey through this life. Notice when you are not feeling that love vibration in your body, mind or heart and stop to release the negative or stuck energy that may be blocking the free flow of love. This is your daily practice and nothing is more important that it should prevent you from this practice.

5. Look in the mirror daily, and smile. Tell yourself all of the amazing things about yourself and when other people give you a compliment, thank them, believe them and allow that truth to permeate your conscious, into your own self limiting subconscious so you can release any and all negative thoughts, beliefs and emotions you may be carrying about yourself and others! When you carry negative beliefs and thoughts about yourself and others, it robs you of your joy and blocks the self love from flowing freely.

When you are able to be freed from these limiting beliefs, blocks and patterns, you are free. When you are free, you become like water fluid ­you are now responsible only to maintain that energy of self-love, pass it along to others and serve in every way you are able to. Be love, see love and goodness in others. Allow love into your life and trust that everything is unfolding in divine time. Let go of the past, don’t focus on the future, live in the present and miracles will unfold for you every step of the journey.

Infinite blessings to you on your path. Blessings and Love. Namaste!

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Written by Dashama Konah Gordon

I'm an International Yoga Teacher & Author and organize Teacher Trainings & Adventure Travel Transformation Retreats in Bali. I'm also the Producer of WeR1Race events.


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