Tap Into Your Greatness By Being Your Own Guru by Chivon John

The greatest guru is your Inner Self. Truly, He is the Supreme Teacher. He alone can take you to your goal, and He alone meets you at the end of the road. Confide in Him, and you need no outer guru. – Nisargadatta Maharaj

86,400 That is the number of seconds in one day. It’s a significant number yet many will likely argue that it never feels like it is enough.

When we live in an age that encourages you to do it all, it’s no wonder that we have nagging whispers of discontent that make us believe that we should DO and BE more. More often than not, we find ourselves on a quest looking for answers from others on how we can be at the top of our game, get more done, look better and feel whole.

But here’s the fallacy with this cycle. When we seek out the knowledge of guru’s to replace your own wisdom you’ll always be in the habit of constantly looking outside of yourself for answers.

Don’t get me wrong. The knowledge of your mentors or ‘guru’s is valuable. I consider myself to be a lifelong student and crave the chance to learn something new at any available opportunity. However, it’s important to understand that the wisdom of our teachers should serve to inspire you to turn inward, instead of making you believe that we don’t know enough to guide your own path.

Far too often we convince ourselves that we need degrees, certifications or certain life experience to bestow wisdom to others and especially ourselves. But this is a mindset that is rooted in scarcity and will always leave you feeling that you’re never good enough.

If you’ve ever found yourself on a never-ending quest for answers, it’s important to know that you’re not alone. In Dr. Brene Brown’s book The Gifts of Imperfection, she referred to this as the ‘hustle for worthiness’.

When we fail to acknowledge what we have in the here and now, recognize our strengths and the trials that we have overcome, our soul will continue to remain emaciated. It will steadily starve in search of nourishment that can only be quenched by looking in the mirror and accepting the person that you see in the reflection.

If you only remember one thing, know this: You are enough. When you spend your life stuck in the story of your circumstances it’s impossible to see the beauty that exists within YOU.

I know it’s not easy but your soul depends on it and you’re worth the effort. After years of sweeping over my own emotions, I’ve learned that there is an immense power in acknowledging your feelings and internal wisdom. But there is an even greater strength that happens when you learn to use your story to heal yourself and empower others.

So, consider this your permission slip to stop waiting for the right guru to come along to answer your questions. You have permission to affirm that you are enough right now as you are and that you are the expert on your life!

It’s time to stand on your story, tap into your inner guide and own your greatness!

Still not convinced that you can be your own Guru? Here are 3 inspired action challenges to reveal your inner wisdom:

1. Turn your wounds into wisdom
When we experience a setback it’s easy to fall into the woe is me mantra or feel as if the odds are stacked against us. Oprah’s powerful quote “turn your wounds into wisdom” is a powerful affirmation to empower us to identify the greater lessons through our tribulations. Think of all of the turbulent times in your life and write them down on a piece of paper. In a column beside each line item ask yourself, ‘What can I learn from this?’ or ‘How will I become a better person through this experience?’ Life presents us with teachable moments every day and even during difficult or sad times we can emerge stronger and wiser.

2. Acknowledge why you are awesome
Can you name at least 10 reasons why you are amazing? Grab a sheet of paper and write down 10 qualities about yourself that make you the amazing, unique and awesome person that you are. Don’t feel bad if you struggle with this exercise. Phone up a friend or family member and have them help you by sharing what they love the most about you.

Allow this list to elevate you when you’re feeling down and also empower you daily to know why you are the master of your life. As a bonus, identify the ways that you can share your special gifts with the world. Play to your strengths and acknowledge why you’re special instead of focusing on your perceived weaknesses.

3. Practice gratitude daily
Take an oath of practicing gratitude. This can take the form of writing it down in a journal or creating a gratitude jar. Gratitude is a powerful practice because it allows us be present.

It forces us to slow down and demands that we travel through life awake instead of sleepwalking. There is no time to question or overthink when you think about why you’re grateful.

The best part about practicing gratitude is that it allows you to banish your scarcity mindset and manifest more positivity into your life by focusing on what you have instead of what you don’t.

Above all remember: You don’t need to ask for permission to be who you are.

There will never be a right time. If you find yourself asking “Am I ready?” The answer is likely always NO, so do it anyway and your first choice of guru can be found in the mirror.

The strongest relationship in your life should be the one with yourself.  It’s not easy by any means but fight for you because you’re worth the effort! People will come and go in your life but the one constant is that you’ll always be with yourself. Love the one that you’re with and stand up and own your greatness.

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Written by Chivon John

I'm a wellness advocate, communications strategist, writer and speaker. I'm passionate about inspiring people to put self-care at the top of their priority list and to learn how to be fully engaged in every moment.


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