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Stronger Than Yesterday by Stacey Goldberg

Where do I begin?

First off my name is Stacey Goldberg and this is a small part of my journey so far. I am a normal person just like everyone else. I have struggled with addiction my whole life, from food to alcohol. It took a lot for me to hit my rock bottom. Addiction is addiction whether it’s food, alcohol or anything that is controlling your life.

I went through a lot on my journey and got lost along the way. I became very depressed and trapped in my body. I felt like there was a person inside struggling to get out and that I didn’t belong in the body I was in. Back in 2008 I was in a horrible car accident where I flipped my SUV 3 times and was trapped inside and had to be cut out of my car with the jaws of life. I went completely uncontentious and all I remember is waking up and seeing a firefighter telling me that they were going to cut me out of my SUV. I remember telling him to just leave me, then I went uncontentious again.

The next thing I remember is being in an ambulance and the paramedic standing over me saying they had to cut my clothes off of me because half of the skin on the left side of my body was gone and I had glass stuck in the entire left side of my body. I blacked out again and woke up in a hospital bed. I asked the nurse if I could use the restroom and she told me that I had flat-lined for a minute and wasn’t going anywhere. My heart actually stopped! I actually had died for a few seconds. I know God saved me for a reason at that point I wasn’t sure exactly what it was.

The next day when I woke up and I knew it was time for a change in my life and that God had saved me for a reason. I went through my recovery it was long and hard and to this day I still have pieces of glass in my arm and the left side of my brain functions a little slower than the right side. Every time I see the scars on my arm from that accident  it reminds me that I was saved for a reason.

After I finished going through my recovery process from my accident I turned to food for comfort. I am an emotional eater and when I get upset or sad I would turn to food for comfort. I let my weight get out of control and went up to 180lbs. It was such a terrible feeling. I was the chubby friend nothing ever fit and I hated myself. Certain people made comments calling me fluffy, telling me I could lose a few lbs. and I acted like it didn’t bother me but inside it truly hurt me. People don’t understand that one comment they say to someone that they will probably forget, will stick with the person they said it to forever!

The final straw that broke me was my ex’s new girlfriend called me and told me oh I saw pictures of you and apparently he use to have a thing for fat girls. That hurt me so much! I acted like it didn’t bother me but was dying inside. At that point I decided to stop feeling depressed and do something about it. I had tried everything to lose weight, Nutri System, Jenny Craig, Atkins basically anything that I thought would help but none of those worked for me.

Then in February 2011. I started working out daily and slowly cleaning up my diet. I followed women online and in magazines who inspired me to reach my goals. I started researching clean eating and exercising. This time I was determined! I threw away the scale and just went by how my body felt. I slowly started seeing my clothes getting bigger and I was going down sizes, still not weighing myself.

I remember one night standing in the fire station parking lot talking to my boyfriend at the time about what I wanted to do for work. I had been working in direct marketing for 10 years and was truly unhappy. I remember telling him “you know what I want to do, I want to help other people lose weight, workout and cook healthy food”.  His reply was “well that’s great but that’s not a long term goal. You can’t make that into a career.” Even though he said that to me I knew deep down inside that that was my passion and what I truly wanted to do. I wanted to help others who were in the same position I was in get out of it. The pain you feel inside that no one can understand unless they have been there. So I looked into personal training through AFAA & ACE and became certified. I also continued to research nutrition and clean eating.

Next I decided I wanted to compete. I knew nothing about competing but knew I wanted to do it! I looked up to all those women who inspired and helped motivate me over the years and just wanted to get up there and show others it can be done. You can go from being almost 200 lbs. to having the body you’ve always dreamt of, it just takes determination.

On May 12th 2012 I finally did it. I walked on stage for the first time, so nervous and scared. This had been my dream for so long and I was finally there, it was my time to shine and show the world my accomplishment. I also wanted to show everyone who was in my shoes that it could be done! I never realized how many people were in the same position I was and that there were other people out there going through the same thing. The moment they called my name to walk on stage I had tears in my eyes thinking about everyone who had supported me along my way. I was finally doing it! When I walked out onto the stage I felt like I was a different person. I knew I didn’t die in that accident for a reason, I finally knew my purpose in life and it was to help others along their journey. You don’t need to feel sad or depressed about your body. You have the power to change it. Sometimes you have to just hit that breaking point where you say “alright enough is enough!”

I decided to open an online Fitness and Nutrition Company called Stacey Goldberg Fitness & Nutrition where I help PEOPLE with meal planning and workouts. So that I can help others reach their goals. It is possible. Even if I have helped one person along their journey that is enough for me. I understand how hard it is and how trapped you feel, but I promise you it gets better! If you need anything or would like meal or workout plans please visit my page below for more information on how to get in touch.

Well so far that’s just a small part of my story. I have a lot more to share with you all. But please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need advice for personal training and help with meal planning.

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Written by Stacey Goldberg

I'm a certified personal trainer. I went from 180 lbs. to 120 lbs.


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