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Stay Driven & Focus On Your Dreams & Goals by Heather Shanholtz

In life everyone has dreams and goals and a lot of times we have bumps in the road that seem to put a hold on our accomplishments and what we want out of life.

The number one thing you need to do is figure out exactly what you really want out of work, relationships and life’s major events first.  Stay focused on exactly what you want.  No matter how old or young you are, you have to always realize that it is never too late to go after what you want and what you deserve.  When planning your goals and dreams remember to set realistic yet challenging ones. Make your goal big enough but not too big to where you hesitate to take that first step.

I’m a big believer in karma, surrounding yourself around positive influential people in your life and also inspiring others to always do better.  If you surround yourself with a bunch of deadbeats then you will also be classified as one and probably are one without even realizing it.  Always do things to help inspire others and it does make you feel better about yourself and that is where I believe karma truly comes into play.  You also have to realize that sometimes bad things happen just so better things can come along even though you may not realize it at the time.

You should always have goals in your life and something to always be working on to better yourself. If not you could find yourself bored, lost and in bad situations. It’s okay to change your goals because as life goes on you will also change.  Life begins to feel meaningless if you don’t have a specific set of goals for yourself.  Try writing a list of all of the things you want to accomplish whether it be starting a diet, hitting the gym, going after your dream job and even marriage and a family of your own.  Be sure to describe and define your goals.  Try to think about how it would feel once you accomplish it and figure out exactly what it would take and the steps to get there.  Also write down your personal strengths and the things you need to work on.  Always plan ahead and try to give yourself deadlines to meet. Do lots of research on your specific type of goal.  There are so many informative websites out there that you can look to for help and advice.  Be positive and have belief in yourself.  Stay dedicated and motivated to accomplish your list one by one.  Dreams and goals are not accomplished overnight and take a lot of willpower so you always have to remember that.  The second you reach a goal create another one for yourself.  As your goal becomes clearer and you get closer to it you need to remember why you set the goal for yourself in the first place and take pride in yourself that you have almost obtained it.

Life has many twists and turns and is all about change and you have to be able to change with it and roll with the punches.  Learn how to adjust with change in a positive way that will benefit you and the ones you care about.  Don’t ever look back but grow and move forward as hard as sometimes it may be or seem to be. Tomorrow is always another day to get back into gear if you fall backwards. Reminding yourself that you have that drive that just won’t quit will make things a lot easier on yourself. If you are feeling down or have optimism, share your feelings and thoughts with someone you trust.  Sometimes all we need is that extra boost from family and loved ones.  It’s never a good thing to hold in all of your feelings because if you do so they explode in a way you would never mean to, or could even push you off of the deep end.  Do something that excites you because if you do, it won’t be like work once you get there.  If you are doing something you love to do it’s not like work yet fun and you will find yourself accomplishing things you have never dreamed of.  You’ll have to go through many obstacles and it might seem tough but you have to keep trying. If you are feeling unmotivated force yourself to do a little bit at a time.  When I’m feeling unmotivated it’s normally because I’m not getting enough sun (believe it or not vitamin D is very important), not getting in my workouts and alienating myself from family and friends.  Always try to stay busy to keep your motivation going.

Along with chasing dreams come a lot of trial and errors.  Learn from your mistakes instead of beating yourself up over them.  Everyone makes mistakes becoming successful.  Be sure to write down all of the mistakes you make along the way so you can be sure not to repeat them.

Stop procrastinating and just do it!  Procrastinating doesn’t help you in anyway with anything in life. Force yourself to get out there and start.  If you continue to push things off then you aren’t getting yourself anywhere or closer to your goals and dreams.  Once you start you will wish you had started sooner.  You will also realize that it wasn’t that hard to begin with, once you get in the swing of things.  I find the hardest thing is to start.  Once you start and stay focused everything moves forward from there.  It’s just hard initially to get that momentum started and in gear. Always have that “I know I can attitude.”

Most importantly always remember that it is your life and no one controls it but you!  Take a hold of everything it has to offer and learn from experiences, always move forward and continue to grow and learn.  As long as you’re driven, motivated and stay focused on your goals you’re going to accomplish anything that you really want to.

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Written by Heather Shanholtz

I’m a full time model, talent recruiter, a networker and an all round entrepreneur.


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