Preserving Perseverance by Karen Kennedy Real Talk Real Women Book

Preserving Perseverance by Karen Kennedy

Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. – Romans 5

The importance of understanding and embracing a spirit of perseverance has never been greater. In our fast-paced, high-tech, wired, increasingly globalized economy, competition is fiercer and the speed at which communications spread are faster than ever before. Have you ever noticed that when you start to explore an opportunity and it seems like the competition comes out of nowhere or even worse, that little resource called time is all of sudden lost? This intensified environment we live and work in has ensured that the businesses not grounded, will falter and fold more quickly and people will burnout. This is where the spirit of perseverance fits into your business and personal plan.

In our personal lives, the spirit of perseverance is the drive deep within our souls that ignites us to work harder, faster and smarter; to size up and stare down the obstacles in our way; to flip stumbling blocks over and discover the stepping stones on the other side; perseverance requires us to set our sights higher so we can reach and achieve more than we thought possible; for as long as it takes.

That’s why I am excited to share with you the six critical keys of developing your spirit of perseverance. These principles will also help you develop a spirit of empowerment, optimism and effectiveness, but will show you how to transform those attitudes into actions, habits, and ultimately, a lifetime of abundance.

1. Get clear on what it is that you want.
You need to get clear on what it is that your spirit is pining for, the why behind your desire or passion. Visualize yourself meeting that person, making a presentation, winning a race, carrying the trophy, cashing the check… get the picture? Without a clear vision of the goals you wish to meet, you will not recognize progress even if it runs into you! A person with a spirit of perseverance is clear-minded about their goals, objectives and motives.

2. Dream and take action.
We all know how to dream, but as we get older we start to practice other get it done tactics which dull our ability to dream because we are so busy doing. The spirit of perseverance requires you to stop, reflect and dream yourself back on track, this little change coupled with taking action enables you to transform your dreams into desires, your desires into intentions, your intentions into action. The combination of dreaming big and taking action is the foundation of a life to the fullest which re-energizes the spirit of perseverance.

3. Invest and reinvest in H.O.P.E.
The competitive advantage of broadening your knowledge base is even greater for individuals than it is for businesses. The greater your supply of knowledge, the greater the demand for you as an asset and knowledge improves your decision ability. Investing in you, is one of the best ways to challenge the status quo and increase your job security.

Here are a few strategies to help you develop an enthusiastic curiosity, and enhance your ability to put your knowledge to work!

Keep an eye on High-Tech innovation.
The spirit of perseverance needs communicative and tested tools to increase efficiency. Having a smartphone or competitive intelligence resource to draw from allows you to remain forward-looking, for new opportunities, new tools and new ventures. As a result, you should always be on the lookout for high-tech tools, companies and people that perform at an optimal standard to drive you or your company to effectively communicate with others while leveraging tools that enable you or your company to improve and innovate.

Open your eyes.
Often, igniting your curiosity and expanding your knowledge base can be as simple as picking up an unusual book to read. Many of the most successful and profitable ideas have come from linking seemingly unrelated ideas together – a process made possible only by a broad knowledge base.

Making time for regular reading of a wide variety of books keeps you intellectually alert, curious and creative. And broadening your knowledge base ensures that the flow of ideas, so necessary to spur the spirit of perseverance.

Play the field – know your competition.
Research and watch your competition – their strengths, weaknesses, tactics and goals. The more you know about what other great people do right – and wrong – the better, and quicker, you are able to respond and adjust to keep going even when they pause.

The spirit of perseverance drives you to your best you and your companies unique strategies so knowing your competition means that you are always informed, but never obsessed.

Engage and Win.
The art of active listening is a fundamental skill that few have fully mastered – despite the fact that the rewards of doing so are enormous! You can pick up invaluable information through the practice of active listening and make others around you feel a real connection as you learn by listening to them and seeking to understand – this is the quickest way to information that is inaccessible any other way.

Set Standards without Compromise.
To truly strive for absolute excellence the spirit of perseverance sets a standard beyond the competition. Taking thought and actions captive, you can best sort wise risks from unnecessary ones, and having made a decision,  take action, fearlessly. The perseverance persona does not gauge progress by how well others are doing, but how well they are doing. The spirit of perseverance vigorously and rigorously pursues constant improvement. It will not be detoured by variable comparisons to the other competitor. It aims no lower than perfection, and attains nothing less than excellence.

Maximize Adaptability and Creativity.
Many business experts believe that adaptability has eclipsed strategic planning as the key measure of a company’s long-term ability to persevere. Indeed, it has become a new way to compete in a world market that is constantly changing in large-scale and unexpected ways.  Improvement alone is not enough; creativity is essential.  In your personal life and professional career, creativity fuels breakthroughs and personal bests.

Adopting a mindset that’s akin to differentiating, seemingly wacky possibilities ensures that there is a solid foundation for breakthrough ideas to take root. Adopt the mindset that the run begins long before the race and every time you compete you will confront opposition, obstacles, challenges and pitfalls. You have the power to turn stumbling blocks into stepping-stones. It has been said that adversity causes some men to break, and other to break records. The spirit of perseverance looks for the lesson in every opportunity, and uses that information to leap over hurdles and break out of the pack. When confronted correctly, setbacks can have enormous educational benefits. They test us, challenge us and teach us, leaving us more experienced, more shrewd, more wise and more competitive.

Never Give Up.
Persistence is the measure of the length you will go to succeed. There is an old Buddhist proverb that states, “If you are facing in the right direction, all you need to do is keep walking.” The spirit of perseverance reflects and gives light to the little actions one takes, to keep walking in the direction to your destination.

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Written by Karen Kennedy

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