Ryall Graber Praise
Ryall Graber

Real Talk Real Women shares my mission: To help women to look, feel and be the best they can be. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this project Miriam.

Kelly Knox Praise
Kelly Knox

I appreciate Miriam taking the time to spotlight the power, beauty, and strength that women embody. There is nothing more powerful to me than to see women helping other women by lifting them higher and supporting them.

Bianca Lupo Praise
Bianca Lupo

What Miriam is doing is more than just creating a book. She is starting a movement. Women today struggle with so many issues when it comes to self-esteem, success, motivation, balance, etc. If more women teamed up like this to inspire and support one another, it could yield some truly powerful changes in society.

Fatima Leite Kusch Praise
Fatima Leite Kusch

Thanks so much Miriam for creating an avenue for many amazing women to share their inspiring stories with others. I am truly honoured to be included.

Mary Schmitt Praise
Mary Schmitt

I truly love what Miriam is doing with “Real Talk, Real Women!” Health and fitness is often viewed two dimensionally; diet and training… When in reality the topic goes much deeper. It gives people the chance to see that we all struggle and conquer the same the things. I think “Real Talk, Real Women” is going to help a lot of women.

Shannan Yorton Penna Praise
Shannan Yorton Penna

It’s wonderful to have all these fabulous empowering women speaking about their lives, goals, desires, tough times, passions and more and I’m so proud to be a part of it. It’s a beautiful way to help others needing encouragement or, those trying to find their way in life. We all need those to look up to and towards for guidance as we all can learn from others. Thank you Miriam for putting us all together in such an amazing way! You are superb!

Lacey Pruett Praise
Lacey Pruett

Today’s methods of conversation and general media doesn’t always give the entire story. Rather than having only the highlight reel, I’m grateful for Miriam’s vision to share authentic stories from real-life women and real-life journeys.

Joanne Lee Cornish Praise
Joanne Lee Cornish

The more we share, the more we allow others to share with us. It’s contagious and powerful. Honest authentic sharing of experiences and thoughts allows others the freedom to explore their own life’s, their own goals, their own dreams. The more we share the more we realize others are not so different from ourselves, we feel a closeness a comfort, a strength. Thank you Miriam for allowing us to be apart of an amazing project.

Rita Catolino Praise
Rita Catolino

Miriam is in the process of helping spread the word of love, health and fitness with the help of top athletes and speakers in the industry!! What a woman to make this all happen!! Never let your fears deter you from achieving success!

Marzia Prince Praise
Marzia Prince

I am so happy Miriam collected stories from different women from different walks of lives with different journey’s to share with others. You never know when your story might inspire someone. It could be the words they need to hear. Thank you Miriam!

Noora Kuusivuori Praise
Noora Kuusivuori

What an honor to be a part of such an amazing group of inspirational women and a project that is like no other done before. Thank you Miriam for the opportunity and for putting this together for others to get inspired as well. You are changing lives with this book.

Dr. AnnMaria De Mars Praise
Dr. AnnMaria De Mars

What an innovative thought, to look at female athletes as whole people – and go beyond the sound bytes and feel good personal interest features to look into their lives and lessons learned.

Nikki Giavasis
Nikki Giavasis

I love what Miriam is doing! Women are meant to unite and uplift each other to be better. We’re sisters and this book is fantastic for motivating women and showing us that we are all connected. It’s fantastic!

Laura Marie
Laura Marie

I can’t believe this has not been done before. Reuniting 100+ inspirational women in one book truly is an incredible idea to inspire and help women all over the world. I am very honored to be part of this amazing project. When women unite to help each other, we can really do wonders on the planet!

100 Life Changing Chapters. 5 Volumes Filled With Wisdom.
100 Incredible Co-authors.

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100 Life Changing Chapters. 5 Volumes Filled With Wisdom.
100 Incredible Co-authors.

Download Now