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Passion Is Everything by Lori and Michelle Corso

Drive. Determination. Persistence. Passion. Working hard. Sweat. Sacrifice.

Some words that come to mind when we think of what it means to be an entrepreneur. The strongest word that truly means everything is PASSION.

  • You need to have passion to drive you.
  • You need passion to get you up off the couch and go DO the work.
  • You need passion to keep you going even when you run into problems and hurdles.
  • Passion gets you up every morning.
  • Passion energizes you to accomplish your tasks for the day.
  • Passion helps you overcome challenges you will face daily.
  • Without passion it will be impossible to make it.

We wake up everyday being grateful for being able to work for ourselves. Yes we have had to give up a lot, make sacrifice after sacrifice. Do we regret any of it? NO! Because every problem we ran into, we learned. Every time we made a mistake, we learned. Every new opportunity came to us because we kept going.

We always looked at the bigger picture. But we also focused on the present tasks, while pushing hard to reach our goals. Staying focused on the main end goal is key. You will make many mistakes along the way but focusing on the end goal will keep that inner passion going.

Once you decided what you are passionate about, you are granting yourself to design your own life. Align your passions with your desires to become incredibly empowering.

We are sharing 5 basic tips we feel are important in taking the steps to following your passion to make it a reality.

5 tips to help you be passionate about your work:

  1. You have to DECIDE to be passionate. Once you make the decision to be passionate, then you will have the drive to do it. Saying it out loud to yourself helps get things going. Saying it out loud to others makes it REAL. Choosing passion you are deciding to be hopeful, cheerful and find things that feed your flame. So find that deep meaning and there you will get your passion.
  2. You need WILL. Do you have the willpower to survive? Having WILL is the key to unlocking your desire, your passion. After you admit that you’re passionate, next comes WILL. The WILL to do it. The WILL not to stop. Your WILL come across times when your passion fails, your WILL takes its place until passion returns. A new breakthrough will come and your passion will again shine.
  3. You will need a plan. Okay so you have the passion and the will to do whatever it takes, now what? You need a plan. A road map so to speak. Write out how you are going to do it. Write out your goals, then the steps to reach those goals. Make short and long term goals. Once you have the plan, go take action. Face your fear. Believe in your dream. Work hard each day to make it a reality.
  4. Surround yourself with inspiration. The key to staying positive is surrounding yourself with positivity. Connect with like-minded people. Connect will people that help, inspire, and motivate you. People that remind you that no matter what, YOU can do it. If there is anything in your life that is bringing you down ­­leave it behind. Don’t let others convince you that following your passion is not practical.
  5. You need to visualize achieving your dream. Need to picture yourself reaching your final goal. The more real you paint the picture in your mind the better. If you truly see yourself doing what you are passionate about then you will achieve it. Remember the mind is a powerful tool. Use it to your advantage. Visualize yourself reaching your dream everyday, as often as you can. When we feel down, go and picture yourself where you want to be. Focus on that.

Those five tips are just the foundation to start following your dream with passion. Remember even highly successful business owners have experienced failure or a set­back a few times on their journey to success.

Lori and Michelle Corso

We went through several failures during our road to where we are today! Being passionate about our dreams is the one thing that kept us going. We are passionate about helping others live their best life. We are passionate about making healthy recipes, spreading our love of fitness, and showing others how to enjoy their BEST life.

Continue to pursue your passion. You have the right to do so. Keep yourself focused and motivated each day. Find that passion in everything you do! Set your goals and pursue them relentlessly. Being women business owners means so much to us, as we get to inspire, help, motivate, and be a FRIEND to others. And this is where our passion comes from ­­helping others!

We help motivated, beautiful, strong, confident women to become even more confident and beautiful by helping them become the BEST versions of themselves.

We are passionate twin sisters, best friends, and business partners. We are chefs, writers, and authors of Purelytwins.com. Two big passions, we have are food and fitness, and we are honored to have achieved our dreams. We published our first cookbook, Purely Classic Recipes, and created an online home workout program ­ Purely Fit Life. We are driven to help people live healthier, happier, and active lifestyles.

Our passion never stops. Yours shouldn’t either. Remember passion is the fuel that can drive you towards the realization of your dreams. Passion helps you live a purposeful life. When you live with purpose and passion, great things happen!

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Written by Lori and Michelle Corso

We are twin sisters. Chefs. Trainers. FitFluential ambassadors. Multi-passionate entrepreneurs. Bloggers.


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