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My Life Is A Journey by Nicole G. Leier

To want something so bad you are willing to go without sleep, to work like you have never worked in your life. To feel the hair on the back of your neck stand up because you are exactly where you are supposed to be. To know this is your birthright.

To not only make the plan but to follow the plan you have laid out for yourself, to continue on until you achieve the one thing you know is rightfully yours.  No one is going to carry you over the finish line, no one is going to do the workouts for you, no one but you is going to make sure you do whatever it takes to get the job done.  You can ask 1000 people, read 1000 books on health and fitness, however until you are ready and willing to get the job done nothing will happen.  I have no answers to the secrets that have got me to this point.

The only thing I can tell you is I am fueled by determination. I want this so bad that it runs through my veins. I want to be the best that only I can be. I have no need to be better than anyone else, only better than what I was yesterday and when I leave this world I want it to be better because I was here. I have a raw desire & will not be stopped.

nicole g leier Real Talk Real Women

My life is a journey. I’m constantly learning. It’s not about my destination, it’s about how I get there.  It’s about my success and failure along the way.  It’s about the connections I make, the inspiration I give and receive.  The goals I set guide me along this path, they give me structure and focus, they keep me grounded.  But there is no ‘end’ goal, on this journey.  Each milestone achieved is a new beginning, a new opportunity. What have I learned? Where have I come from, and where do I feel the desire to go next?  I’m constantly re-plotting my course, and always, always experimenting.  I’m learning that it’s not about the goals I set, it’s the growth that happens along the way. Sometimes it’s even about how I don’t accomplish what I set out to. Instead, it’s about all of the little things along the way.

I’m learning that I can only see so far ahead at any given time. So I set my course, I give it my all, and I spend my time enjoying the ride.

Every tiny step adds up to so much more.  And that’s the journey.

Love & light,

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Written by Nicole G. Leier

I'm an internationally renowned actress/ writer / personal trainer / creator.


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