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Motherhood by Alli Breen

Motherhood – it’s a sport. 24/7, 365 days a year, whether your children are next to you or across the globe you are always on call. At times it is all consuming and extremely overwhelming. I believe that, for women who choose to be mothers, it is the most challenging and rewarding job on the planet!

A child’s first role model is often their mother. A mother’s mood can affect her children on a daily basis and her actions can impact them for a lifetime. So how can we set our children up for success though our day-to-day life and actions? We can do this through leading by example! One of the best rewards of being a healthy, fit mom is seeing your kids take notice and then enjoy leading a healthy lifestyle in the same manner in which you have demonstrated to them.

Most mothers want one simple thing for their children – health. Overall thriving mental and physical health. How can we as women help our children achieve this? By taking the best care of ourselves on every level that we can control. And the only thing you truly can control is yourself.

Demonstrating a healthy lifestyle through your speech, actions, postures, boundaries, nutrition and exercise all play a role in how your kids learn to interact with others and in developing the confidence they feel within themselves. If you are happy and feel great so will your children, think of them as a mirror.

Leading by example can start at any minute of any day, so if you are new to taking charge of your health or needing to fine-tune a few things, remember the importance of the present moment because it’s all you have. Your past does not equal who you are, now or in the future! Use positive thinking and visualization as a way to feel like your dream self as a woman and a mother.

My Top 5 Health Tips That Will Make You a Happy Healthy Mom:

  1. Nutrition: Motherhood is a sport, so eat like an athlete. Nutrition can make or break you mentally, emotionally and physically. Eating vitamin-rich foods every few hours throughout the day is essential for getting results you want – high energy levels, a great body, glowing skin, and a great attitude. Try getting your kids in the kitchen with you to help out with healthy, quick recipes and they will soon be eating things you thought they would never touch!
  1. Exercise: Nothing can change a mood faster than a workout! Moving your body 4-6 days a week for 30 to 60 min is the best way to increase daily energy and overall strength and endurance for the demands of motherhood.  Taking time for good nutrition and workouts should be a non-negotiable part of your life, like a business meeting you cannot miss. Hygiene: Brush and floss those pearly whites. Exfoliate and moisturize head to toe, and shape those nails! I personally do my nails one day a week and scrub under them daily, whether they are painted or not.
  1. Fashion: No matter the size on your clothing label, wear clothes and accessories that make you feel good. Pick the colors and styles that make you feel comfortable yet confident!
  2. Music: Positive music can change the way you feel instantly. I have music playing around me 90% of the time! Music can be so inspiring and uplifting, and sharing fun and happy music with kids will build memories that when heard will last a lifetime, so get those playlists pumping!
  3. Lastly my bonus tip is to get enough sleep, which depending where you are on your motherhood journey is a bit more difficult. Try to get eight hours within a 24-hour period even if broken up.  Being rested will help control moods, appetite, and energy levels.

Incorporating these tips will change your life and make you the best version of you. Ladies, it’s never too late, and with these tips and the right attitude anything is possible!

Life is short – you only have a few years that you can push your baby in a stroller, or get on the jungle gym with them so don’t sit on the sidelines, get in the game and have fun!

So remember one thing ladies, if you want to have a healthy family; start today, because as I always say,

Today is Your Tomorrow.

Alli Breen

Written by Alli Breen

I focus on instructing, coaching, motivating & inspiring others to take their health, healing & happiness to the next level.


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