Inspire People by Valerie Solomon

What an honor it is to write a chapter for a book by inspiring women. To be honest with you, I have sat down several times to write this chapter and just stared at a blank page. How do I pick 750 – 1500 words from my life and my crazy mind to share with you? How did I get to this point?! How was I included in this book? Why is my life inspiring? I am nothing out of the ordinary…

Maybe you are having these same thoughts about yourself as you read through this book. Do you see yourself as an inspiration? I am willing to bet that you are much like me and that you do not. It is hard for us to see ourselves from the outside looking in. We know little details about ourselves that others do not. We know we have our own struggles, doubts, weaknesses, and challenges. We feel we are ordinary.

People relate to others like themselves… ordinary people.

Wouldn’t you love to hear how a woman just like yourself managed to lose 50lbs, run a marathon, start a business, climb a mountain, etc.? Many times we are inspired and motivated when we see someone in our own shoes showing us the way. It is often easier to take the first steps, if someone has walked the path ahead of you. Maybe it is a friend, a sister, or a social media personality that is similar to you. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things inspire.

So, I ask you this question: Are you missing an opportunity to inspire?

Are there people in your life that could benefit greatly if you were the first to make a move? We can choose to continue to keep to ourselves, keeping our talents, passions, and dreams a secret. Or we can take a chance and let the world know. The only reason that I am a part of this book is that I took a little leap of faith on a whim and started sharing my passion and talent on social media. I know I am ordinary…. Except I have this deep burning desire to be better, to do more, and to challenge myself. And that, it seems, is a talent and inspiration in itself.

“What comes easy to me…” Is that the key to it all? After just over 2 years as “Busy Mom Gets Fit”, I can honestly say that the best compliment is “You inspire people.” What a gratifying feeling to know that what comes easy to me: fitness, motivation, busy-mom-life, is helpful to others in a big way.

Are you wondering what it is that you should be sharing? What comes easy? I firmly believe that we were each given talents, dreams, and passions for a reason. What is it burning inside of you to get out? What do you have to share with the world?

Here are a few steps that may help you step out on a limb to being an inspiration to those in your life:

1. Say you will
The first step to making a change or working towards a goal is committing. I you feel strongly and passionately about reaching a goal or making a change, just say you will do it. Write it down. Own it. You can figure out the details later.

2. Eliminate excuses
Start thinking through how you will accomplish your goal by pin pointing the hurdles in your way. Once you see clearly what has held you back in the past, you can start to find ways to make it happen. Maybe childcare has been an issue. Solve it. Maybe you feel like you do not have enough time. Cut something else out. For every challenge, there is a way to get through it. You have to do that for yourself and for those that need you to be an example for how it is done.

3. Realize and use your talents
So often we do not even realize our own strengths and talents. It comes easy to us and we don’t realize that that is unique! What are people urging you to do? Or what are you complimented on? Listen to them! Sometimes a little shove from a good friend is just what we need to reach our potential.

The fact that you are reading this book is a pretty good indication that you are interested in growing and reaching your full potential. I hope you will share your journey with the world. I hope I read a chapter by you one day. Inspire people.

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Written by Valerie Solomon

I'm the founder of "Busy Mom Gets Fit". Busy mom of 4 boys, Army wife, figure competitor... living fit despite my crazy life.


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