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100 Life Changing Chapters. 5 Volumes Filled With Wisdom. 100 Incredible Co-authors.

Early 2013 I set out to learn from and share the stories and life changing lessons of some of the most renowned experts and thought leaders in the field of health and fitness.

I felt it was time for some real talk that went beyond nutrition or training advice, time to look beyond their beauty and reveal the stories behind these incredible women.

“Real Talk. Real Women.” was born. In less than 12 months time, I got up, close and personal with more than 100 amazing women. They shared their most valuable lessons around self-love, never giving up, achieving success, finding balance and making a difference in the world.

Since starting out, the interviews have received nearly 1 million views on YouTube and “Real Talk. Real Women.” has become a movement to inspire and empower women across the globe to live healthier and happier lives.

This book is a culmination of our work this far. It brings you 100 inspirational lessons from some of the most extraordinary women I have ever met. For some of them, it took decades and tremendous struggle to acquire this knowledge, and today it’s yours for the taking.

These lessons have changed their lives, and they can change yours.
Miriam Khalladi

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Miriam KhalladiAbout the Author

Miriam Khalladi is the founder and author of Real Talk Real Women. On a mission to inspire women around the globe to live happier and healthier lives she shares the stories and life lessons of some of the most inspirational women on the planet.

Tosca RenoForeword by Tosca Reno

Tosca Reno is the New York Times best-selling author of Your Best Body Now and the Eat-Clean Diet® series, which has sold more than two million copies worldwide. She is one of the leading North American health and wellness experts fighting the battle against obesity.