Get Body Confidence Beautiful by Jennifer Ettinger

Why do we strive for perfection when we should strive to be whole – Jane Fonda

We all have seen her walk into a room, with her flowing hair, glowing skin and a radiant smile that takes over the room. I call this the “goddess glow,” A beauty that is simply not captured in a bottle. It is called CONFIDENCE. The definition of confidence, according to the Oxford dictionary is “a feeling of self-assurance arising from an appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities”

How you view your body is the foundation as to how you feel about yourself. So many women cause undue stress as to how they should look vs. how they think they should look.

Getting body confidence is critical to one’s success! Here are some tips to “reframe” your thinking of your current “goddess” body!

Your body is a beautiful gift. It allows you to live life to its fullest; emotionally and physically. It should be viewed as your best friend. Focus on what you enjoy about your body. Is it beautiful eyes, a dimple, a big smile? Be proud of your goddess assets!

Take the one feature you think is your BEST asset and great a daily mantra. For example, if it is your smile, you can say the following: I love my smile for it brings happiness into my life and to others. Then write a list of positive things about yourself! “I embrace my goddess shape. I will fuel my body with beauty boosting foods”

Keep a journal of your activity, food daily mantras and mood, to serve as a blueprint for your lifestyle changes.

Understand that body image and self-esteem are different! How you look today is not how you are destined to be! Think of your current body and your health as a baseline to where you want to go and transform into. Daily activity can make profound change in your life and help you reach your goals. Make the goal(s) specific. An example is: I will walk 3 times this week for a half hour vs. I will start walking.

Eat clean food and water, although we all are aware we should do this, many of us do not find the time to plan out our meals. Taking the time will make a profound effect on your body image. Fueling your body with the right nutrients will nourish the cells, and give you a newfound sense of energy, and healthy skin, nails and teeth. You will begin to shift your craving away from processed foods to reaching for a healthy alternative. As for your water, take our weight in pounds, and divide by 2. That is how many daily ounces of water you should be consuming.

Next, draw a line drawing picture of your body. Circle the areas that are “areas of concern.” Ask yourself, the following questions. Are your concerns of BODY (food/exercise needed) or of MINDSET (being hard on yourself) Write in a journal your concerns and see if it aids you if finding a resolution. Often we KNOW what to do we just need to begin the journey.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest Goddess of all! Look into the mirror and OWN your reflection! Use this as a tool to measure your success! Each day is a stepping stone to your success, embrace the journey. This can be challenging. I encourage you to look yourself in the eyes and say, I LOVE .. (Your name) in the mirror. Work up to one minute a day, for ultimate self-love and acceptance!

You are whom you surround yourself with! Surround yourself with positive people of like minds! Ditch the one who wants to sabotage your success! Maybe it is time for a friend detox; release those who hinder you from being successful with a healthy lifestyle change. Embrace positive people who will LIFT you to new heights.

Remember, “Body awareness leads to body confidence which resonates a body beautiful”.

Lastly, skinny does not mean healthy! We hold celebrities on a podium of “beauty”, but the reality is many are very unhealthy and unhappy! Be aware but do not compare. Focus on YOU!

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Written by Jennifer Ettinger

I’m a best selling author. National brand ambassador for New Balance. TV show host & co-producer. Keynote speaker. Fitness & style expert.


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