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Finding Your Passion Is Everyone’s Quest In Life by Shannan Yorton Penna

Many people drift through life with no real direction. They go where circumstances take them like a ship without a rudder. And going wherever you are led can be a definite course for disaster as we all have deep internal drives that must be met. If we ignore our deepest passions and instead choose another path, either through inaction or, by taking the path of least resistance we are normally left unfulfilled and feeling like we missed out on a greater purpose.

While deep down most of us know this to be true, others feel that they don’t even have something that speaks to them strongly enough that they could call it a passion. What then? Many people ask how do I find my passion? How do I know what that thing is that is going to make me feel completely self-actualized? My mission? My Quest?

Some answers would be, to make time for discovering and finding that passion. Prioritizing your days to start honing in on what you want, setting yourself up for success. Ask yourself what are the things you really enjoy doing? Baking? Creating art? Helping others? Animals? What are the things you find yourself constantly having to pull yourself away from or, wishing desperately that you had the time to do? Is there a problem you are passionate about solving? Something that is plaguing you in your life that you could fix? The ability to express yourself through how you solve problems can become your passion, as it did for me.

And remember that this isn’t life or death – it’s ok to explore things that you think MIGHT be your passion. If you find at a future date that while you enjoyed pursuing it, but that it didn’t turn out to be the final, end all calling that couldn’t be ignored just remember that you had fun and that you have still moved yet another step forward. Some people experience multiple passions in their lifetime – several strong drives that can each last for years before being replaced by something equally or, perhaps more strong than the previous pursuit. For others, time is the key to finding their passion. Just as most people don’t truly experience love at first sight, finding your passion isn’t always like being struck by lighting. Sometimes it’s more like a wonderful friendship where strong feelings grow over time into a huge river of deep love.

Shannan Yorton Penna

You might not have all of the tools yourself but, you must find them. You don’t have to have all of the answers, you just have to become the kind of person that will find the right people or, sources of information that will allow you to gain the answers. And sometimes you will just need to take a path and see what happens, because the correct direction is not always evident. As long as you continually pay attention to the results, you will be moving forward either way because if you end up selecting the “wrong” path, at least you have eliminated an option and now know not to go that way again.

In my case, I had an early passion for reading and learning about the things that could make me better, healthier, stronger, and a more well rounded athlete.

Nutrition and exercise were my first loves in life, and applying it in my very own life and those of others is what drove me, what made me happy, and what made me feel fulfilled. I have helped people lose their baby weight, athletes get stronger, people get leaner to play sports and do things that they couldn’t earlier because of their weight, and I helped many women to finally reach such amazing competition shape that they were able to stand on stage in a bikini in front of hundreds of people. What continually amazes me is just how profound the changes are to people’s minds and spirits after they focus so hard on disciplining their bodies. In some cases they became totally different people who later become the beacon of light that inspires many others. Some of them also have since found their passions in life due to their transformations.

Even though I knew my passion early in life I still ended up in a position once where I chose a job that was outside the field I loved due to life circumstances. I tried to make the best of it for a while but knew my heart was not in it.  I didn’t see a way out at the time but I knew that I would never feel fulfilled or, comfortable until I was doing what I was passionate about once again. The creation of Quest Nutrition was my way of going back to my roots and finding a way to create a product that was directly in support of my passion. I now get to work with people on an international level doing what I desire, simply because I refused to settle for a life that was safe but that didn’t set my soul on fire.

If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life,

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Written by Shannan Yorton Penna

Shannan Yorton Penna has been passionate about health and nutrition her whole life. She created Quest Nutrition because she believed that it's possible to have exceptional taste without compromising your nutrition. Quest products are now available all over the world!


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