Dr. AnnMaria De Mars was the first American ever to win the World Judo Championships, she is one of the most decorated U.S. judokas in the history of the sport and has more than 40 years of judo experience. She’s a champion, doctor, coach, author and the mother of four. Dr. AnnMaria De Mars joins Real Talk Real Women to talk about:

  • Hearing about a national judo championship at age 12.
  • How judo has shaped her life.
  • The importance of doing something you love in life.
  • Wise lessons she’s learned from her grandmother Emelia Maria Castille.
  • How Frank Fullerton and Bruce Toups impacted her life.
  • What she feels is the most important thing her children need to learn in today’s world.
  • That no one has the right to beat you. Ever!
  • Her book Winning on the Ground.
  • Why she doesn’t believe in luck.
  • Never backing down.
  • Finding the strength to get back up and follow your dreams.
  • Being afraid.
  • Using technology to create a better world through 7 Generation Games.
  • Still not knowing what she wants to be when she grows up.
  • And much more…!

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Written by Dr. AnnMaria De Mars

I'm a PhD, CEO, Judo world champion and a mom of four.


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