Amy Mac is a certified personal trainer, video host and best-selling author. Amy joins Real Talk Real Women to talk about:

  • How it took a while before she realized her passion for fitness.
  • Becoming a mother and how that is going to change things for her.
  • Launching several audio shows and publishing her first book.
  • Her most rewarding experience in her work as a personal trainer.
  • Her best advice as an entrepreneur for women who are stuck in a job that doesn’t make them happy.
  • Dedicating her life to providing people with information about achieving and maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle.
  • The first step people generally must take towards a better lifestyle.
  • We also talk about some of her goals, including releasing her second book, and much, much more…!

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Written by Amy Mac

I'm a personal trainer, fitness personality, author and video producer.


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