Julie Kitchen is the one and only Queen of Muay Thai, an incredible 14 time Muay Thai world champion. Julie joins Real Talk Real Women to talk about:

  • How she started working out after giving birth to her twins.
  • What Muay Thai is and how it’s different from other sports.
  • Winning 14 (!) world championships.
  • Losing 7 fights and not finding the strength to continue and follow her dream.
  • Suffering through loss.
  • The meaning of butterflies in her life.
  • Overcoming her shyness.
  • Helping other women build self confidence and achieve their goals.
  • How she’s preparing her two daughters for the world.
  • The importance of nutrition in martial arts.
  • Gaining and losing weight for competitions.
  • Dealing with the media and negativity.
  • Living a balanced life.
  • Her goals for the year.
  • And much, much more…!

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Written by Julie Kitchen

I'm known as the Queen of Muay Thai and have won 14 Muay Thai World Championships.


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