Ilaria Montagnani is the founder of She’s an ECA fitness presenter and a top NYC fitness instructor at Equinox, Reebok and more… Ilaria joins Real Talk Real Women to talk about:

  • How her fitness journey began in martial arts.
  • What Powerstrike is all about and how it began.
  • What inspired her to combine her martial arts background with contemporary choreography.
  • The everyday warrior.
  • Whether or not she expected all of this when she came to the US in 1987.
  • How she, despite her tremendous success, still relies on her sensei and many teachers along the way.
  • Her thoughts on nutrition and begin a vegetarian.
  • Sharing her knowledge with the world.
  • The one question people never ask her but really should.
  • We also talk about some of Ilaria’s goals, what’s coming up the rest of the year and much, much more… !

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Written by Ilaria Montagnani

We are all everyday warriors confronting the challenges of our jobs, families, or just getting up in the morning. That is what my classes are about, experiencing your own power, motivation and commitment to life.


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