Lindy Olsen is the Editor of Oxygen Magazine Australia, Fitness Model, Pro Figure Athlete, Spokesperson for Nestle’s Musashi Trusted Performance Nutrition and Under Armour. Lindy joins Real Talk Real Women to talk about:

  • How she got into fitness.
  • Losing motivation and ending up 89 kg’s (200+ lbs)
  • How things changed for her in 2003 and how she eventually became an inspiration and role model to women all over the world.
  • Her own online community where she helps women who struggle with weight and body image issues.
  • How she feels she’s not special or lucky, but just had a dream and went for it.
  • The importance of knowing where you want to go and setting goals.
  • How small changes over time, when added up, make a big difference.
  • The mental aspect of it all.
  • Why it’s all about making lifestyle changes and not about following diet plans.
  • How you can stay motivated and follow through on your goals, turning intentions into habits.
  • Starting today, because there’s no time to waste time!
  • And much, much more…!

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Written by Lindy Olsen

I'm a a 5 x times natural world champion in figure sculpting, fitness ambassador and lifestyle and fitness coach.


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