Natalie Jill is a Fitness, Nutrition and Weight Loss Expert. Natalie joins Real Talk Real Women to talk about:

  • Becoming a fitness model at age 39.
  • How going through a divorce, struggling financially and working full time while suffering through an auto immune disease did not lead to her making excuses, but to making tremendous positive change in her life.
  • How she looks back at the days when she was 60 pounds heavier.
  • Which change made the biggest impact in her life.
  • The importance of doing the work and looking at this process as a journey.
  • Being accountable and how someone can become more accountable.
  • How she discovered she had an auto immune disease and how it affected her life.
  • Her perspective on misdiagnosed illnesses.
  • What it is that drives her to help others accomplish their life goals.
  • How anyone can make their own luck in life.
  • And much, much more…!

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Written by Natalie Jill

I'm a Fitness, Nutrition and Weight Loss Expert.


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