Dionne Sinclair is a fitness model, instructor and personal trainer. Dionne joins Real Talk Real Women to talk about:

  • How she got interested in fitness
  • Being in her forties and how that affects her ability to maintain her physique.
  • How anyone can be a fitness competitor, as long as they have the desire to achieve their goals.
  • How she stays fired up and motivated to achieve her goals in life.
  • The importance of setting goals.
  • Believing in yourself and your ability to accomplish the goals you set for yourself.
  • The most important lesson she’s learned this far.
  • Where she finds the inspiration to be at her best.
  • The importance of living a healthy lifestyle and set an example for her daughters.

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Written by Dionne Sinclair

I'm a lightening rod of energy that engages and motivates everyone I meet. Caring, hardworking and driven. I believe everyone can live a healthy lifestyle with balance.


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