Valerie Solomon is the founder of Mom Power Team and Get Fit Chat, an army wife and mom of four. Valerie joins Real Talk Real Women to talk about:

  • When and how she got interested in lifting weights.
  • Her years as a competitive swimmer.
  • Spending hours on the treadmill without getting any results.
  • How she learned what to do to transform her physique.
  • The impact of having four children on her physique.
  • What she decided to do when her husband got deployed to Afghanistan.
  • Placing first in her class on her first show.
  • Becoming a personal trainer and wanting to help others reach their goals.
  • What it’s like to be a military wife and her role in the community.
  • Common misconceptions about women and lifting weights.

We also talk about Mom Power Team, Get Fit Chat and Valerie shares some of hear goals and the one question people never ask her but really should. And of course… much, much more!

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Written by Valerie Solomon

I'm the founder of "Busy Mom Gets Fit". Busy mom of 4 boys, Army wife, figure competitor... living fit despite my crazy life.


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