Alexandra Wilson is a fitness and wellness expert, bikini athlete, fitness model, master personal trainer and entrepreneur. Alexandra joins Real Talk Real Women to talk about: 

  • How, over a decade ago, Alexandra got involved in the fitness industry.
  • Battling with low-self worth and always wanting to win approval.
  • Going back to the basics and putting her health and wellness first.
  • Travelling to the US and entering her first competition in 2009.
  • Going through tremendous struggle in life and her advice to those who are going through hardship today.
  • How mental health and fitness are the key to developing a strong and healthy physique.
  • Whether or not she feels having to overcome struggle in life enables her to get extraordinary results for her clients.
  • THe importance of thankfulness in life and how anyone can feel more grateful.
  • The most important business lesson she’s learned this far.
  • Whether or not she still feels insecure every now and then.
  • And much, much more…

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Written by Alexandra Wilson

I am a fitness and nutrition expert, personal trainer, bikini athlete, fitness model, and UK Gaspari sponsored athlete.


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