Bridget MacManus is a comic, actress, writer, painter and self proclaimed (!) professional weirdo. Bridget joins Real Talk Real Women to talk about: 

  • Whether or not she’s actually an undercover elite athlete – rumor has it she let Ronda Rousey get away with that arm bar;)
  • Constantly gaining and then losing weight as a child.
  • Giving up meat and becoming a vegetarian.
  • Making a lifestyle change VS going on a diet.
  • Being in the public eye and having to look at your best. (Bridget is on TV all the time)
  • Feeling insecure and dealing with that.
  • The importance of humor in life.
  • Starting out as a comic and why it matters so much to her to spread joy.
  • The biggest lesson she’s learned this far.
  • The importance of the people around her when it comes to her success.
  • Bridget also shares some of her goals for the rest of the year and much, much more…

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Written by Bridget McManus

I'm a professional comedian and actress.


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