Jacqueline Carly is a Sacred Mantra Chant Artist, Mind/Body Medicine Scientist and Self-Mastery Coach. Jacqueline joins Real Talk Real Women to talk about: 

  • How she initially got interested in health and nutrition.
  • Struggling with a really bad eating disorder, being bulimic and overweight and dealing with a depression.
  • Her experience in having to work on her relationship with food.
  • The biggest lesson she has learned about herself after being recovered from her eating disorder for ten years now.
  • How getting better led to a strong determination to stay better and help others as well.
  • How the spiritual side of things impacts her life.
  • Dealing with fear and negativity.
  • Her advice for people who tend to find excuses to not go for the things they really want in life.
  • How she teaches her daughter about self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • The law of attraction and writing down your goals.
  • And much, much more…

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Written by Jacqueline Carly

I'm a mom, MindBody Medicine Scientist, athlete and entrepreneur fiercely devoted to helping people feel better in their bodies and love themselves more.


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