Elisabeth Nuesser is the owner and CEO of women’s MMA and lifestyle clothing line FIGHTCHIX. Elisabeth joins Real Talk Real Women to talk about: 

    • What got her interested in mixed martial arts.
    • How she started Fight Chix in 2006 and what it’s all about.
    • How many MMA athletes are undervalued and having to work full time jobs on the side.
    • Whether or not female fighter struggle even harder than the men, despite their huge fanbase.
    • Using her work as a vehicle for women’s voices to be heard.
    • How she’s gone beyond MMA and is building a lifestyle brand for the women who will be the future leaders of the world.
    • Being a female CEO in a male dominated industry.
    • The importance of the people around her in her journey.
    • The biggest lesson she has learned this far in her career.
    • And much more…

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Written by Elisabeth Nuesser

I'm the female CEO of Fight Chix Apparel, mother of two great kids, a wife, a hair stylist, and an entrepreneur empowering women around the world!


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