Zoë Daly is an Australian fitness model and champion, BodyScience sponsored athlete and ambassador for health and fitness. Zoë joins Real Talk Real Women to talk about: 

  • How she became passionate about living a clean and healthy lifestyle.
  • Turning her passion into a career as a fitness model and personal trainer.
  • Deciding to compete and placing third in her first show, without the help of a coach.
  • The importance of her support system.
  • What the Poliquin Bio Signature modulation is all about.
  • The most valuable lesson she’s learned in working with her clients
  • How positivity is like a boomerang.
  • Sports psychology and the mental side of things.
  • Motivation and the power of goal setting.
  • Zoë also shares her biggest challenge this far, shares some of her goals for the rest of the year and much, much more…

Connect with Zoë Daly via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and her website

Written by Zoe Daly

Professional Fitness Model. Health & Fitness Ambassador. EHPLabs Sponsored Athlete. Poliquin Bio Sig Practitioner.


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