Hilary Hagner is a figure competitor, certified personal trainer, active lifeguide columnist and family health and fitness writer. Hilary joins Real Talk Real Women to talk about: 

  • How losing her mother at only 8 years old impacted her health.
  • How gaining weight as a young girl led her to be very insecure.
  • How a diary entry became a turning point as Hilary decided not wanting attention due to feelings of unattractiveness wasn’t going to make her happy.
  • Her first experience as a role model during her cheerleading days.
  • Being a mother and functioning as a role model for her two children.
  • Battling the “post-baby bulge”… twice!
  • The most common misconception about getting back into shape after giving birth.
  • How you can break a cycle of failure of frustration to get to a place where you can get results.
  • Overcoming bad genetics.
  • Going from overweight and insecure to a confident, inspirational role model to women across the globe.
  • How you can believe, begin and become anything you want in life.
  • Her experiences as an entrepreneur and her company “ALTER EGO”.
  • And much, much more…

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Written by Hilary Hagner

I'm a personal trainer. Mother of two and a figure athlete.


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