Lacey Stone is one of the most sought after fitness professionals in America. She’s a celebrity trainer, TV personality, entrepreneur, writer, group instructor, motivational speaker and fitness innovator. Lacey joins Real Talk Real Women to talk about: 

  • How she started out and what got her interested in fitness.
  • What she feels has attributed the most to her incredible success.
  • The importance of having uplifting people around you.
  • The success characteristic of being able to rebound quickly.
  • An unexpected story that was revealed during one of Lacey’s bootcamps. (Very powerful!)
  • The danger in comparing ourselves to others.
  • How to make it impossible to quit.
  • Teaching your brain to be positive.
  • The importance of having someone who believes you can make a change in your life.
  • How passion, patience and persistance can lead to excellence.

Lacey also shares the hardest thing she has had to get back up from in her life, her biggest life lesson this far and we talk about her upcoming book: “What are you waiting for? A fitness bible.” and much, much more…

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Written by Lacey Stone

As a bi-coastal fitness professional and celebrity trainer, my mission is to inspire individuals to achieve optimal success in all aspects of their lives from the inside out.


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