Phoenix Carnevale is a certified fitness professional, martial artist, fight commentator and journalist. Phoenix joins Real Talk Real Women to talk about: 

  • What it was like to grow up in Brooklyn, New York and how she got interested in health and fitness.
  • When she decided to make a career out of her interest in sports.
  • Combining movements and techniques from different sports disciplines into classes and programs and what she looks for when building out a health and fitness program.
  • The most common misconceptions when it comes to health and fitness.
  • The importance of self-defense for women in today’s society.
  • Her experience interviewing many of the world’s most elite athletes and what she has learned from them.

Phoenix also tells us what drives her to lecture at universities and corporations around the country about women’s empowerment related issues, the one question is that people never ask her but really should, she reveals her proudest accomplishment this far and much, much more…

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Written by Phoenix Carnevale

I'm a Martial Arts obsessed journalist, fight commentator, show host and comedian.


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