Meet Dr. Sirah Vettese
For over 30 years Sirah has worked with, trained and counseled people from all walks of life. From celebrities to business executives and from world leaders to scientists, Sirah has helped them achieve self-awareness and self-love as a life coach, consultant and teacher. Sirah is also a world renowned author and public speaker.

Dr. Sirah Vettese joins Real Talk Real Women to talk about:

  • Her passion to help people feel deeply empowered by getting clear about what they desire out of life and making it happen.
  • The biggest stumbling block for most people when it comes to getting clear about what they desire in life.
  • Living in the now and how not to remain stuck in the past.
  • Healing the inner suffering of the heart.
  • How you can stop suffering through life and learn how to embrace and love it.
  • The path to feeling truly alive and whole.
  • Breaking free from an unhappy place in your life.
  • How she deals with limiting beliefs and other mental obstacles herself.
  • Her latest book: “Spiritual Makeover: Ten Practices for Falling in Love With Your Life” that teaches how to transform something negative into something positive.

Sirah also talks about the things that make her feel truly alive and joyful, the most rewarding experience in her life, the single most impactful life lesson she has learned, her favorite quote, the legacy she would like to leave behind and much, much more…

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Written by Sirah Vettese

Award winning author, Sirah Vettese, offers us tools to rise above the pain and suffering that keep us emotionally stuck and our lives stagnant.


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