She’s a mother of 4, TV hostYouTuber, yoga & fitness instructor, health warrior, backyard chicken farmer and founder of BexLife. Bex Borucki joins Real Talk Real Women to talk about:

  • How she got into health and wellness, yoga and meditation.
  • How her approach is different from most of the other stuff out there.
  • Being a backyard farmer and how the food we generally eat just isn’t what it used to be anymore.
  • Her own TV show “Got Zen” and what it means to her to share her message with the world.
  • Her best advice for women who don’t feel worthy and struggle with insecurity.
  • The one thing she learned that had the greatest impact on her life.
  • How she balances her career and personal life (Bex is a wife and mother of 4)
  • What she feels is her greatest accomplishment.
  • And much, much more…

Connect with Bex Borucki via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and her website.

Written by Bex Borucki

I'm the founder of BEXLIFE™ and the BLISSED IN™ wellness movement. A blissfully married mother-of-five, TV host, fitness and yoga instructor, popular YouTuber, and backyard farmer raising chickens and goats.


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