Noora Kuusivuori joins Real Talk Real Women to talk about:

  • Her beginnings as an athlete for the national women’s swimming and baseball teams in Finland.
  • How she ended up in the United States, competing as a top figure competitor.
  • The importance of a support system.
  • What she thinks about the way women are perceived in the fitness industry, and the importance of appearances. (Noora holds an MBA, speaks multiple languages and has a very successful career as a business executive)
  • What a fitness lifestyle is really all about.
  • How to balance being a professional athlete, having a successful career and raising her son.
  • Why getting out of your comfort zone at least once a day can help you succeed.
  • The importance of rest days.
  • Her most important life lesson and much, much more…

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Written by Noora Kuusivuori

I'm a Silver NYC international fitness model, Muscle Pharm sponsored athlete and a Muscle & Fitness Hers writer.


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