Empowering Women by Jana Stewart

Growing up in a household with two older brothers, I got the desire to bond with other females at an early age. My brothers were involved in a variety of sports and fitness activities so of course I wanted to do the same.  Even when they told me what they were doing was not for girls, I ignored them and did it anyway.  As I got older and started participating in activities such as sports, dance, drama, it became evident that when you put a group of like-minded women in a room, amazing things happen.  Whether it’s sports, business, spiritual, community, we make things happen and encourage each other along the way.   This reason alone is why I created the Bikini Booty Club, a sisterhood of women from all walks of life with one common goal:  to be healthy in every aspect of their lives.

The Bikini Booty Club is different from any other fitness club, women’s group, or organization because we are a well rounded group that not only focuses on health and fitness, but women’s empowerment, careers, financial freedom, and overall happiness.  Because people in general draw from others for inspiration, our primary objective is to inspire women to live their best lives.  Our events are never the same and never typical.  They range anywhere from workouts in the park to healthy happy hours, spa trips, financial seminars, and online training and coaching.

My passion is health, fitness, and active lifestyle living.  Not only do I want women to look and feel good physically, but I want their minds to be right too. Over the years I have watched amazing things happen before, during, and after various fitness events.  It’s simple – when we look our best, we feel our best, and that builds confidence and self esteem.  Those traits carry over into our relationships, businesses, careers, and overall quality of life. When we feel empowered, there’s nothing that can stop us.  We all need a vessel in which we filter out the negative and filter in the positive. My vessel happens to be health and fitness. I workout daily because that’s my time to set the tone for my day, visualize, and get myself revved up to take on the day!

These are the tips that I share with women all over the world to be empowered:

1. Define your “Why” and make it so powerful that there’s nothing that can deter you from it.
My “why” is my family.  In February of 2012 I lost the most important man in the world, my father, Ellis Stewart. He was diagnosed with cancer in the summer of 2011 and passed away less than a year later, almost two weeks before his 77th birthday.  That devastating loss not only caused me to focus more on preventive health and putting only the best nutrients into my body, but it also created a sense of urgency for me to put myself in the situation to be able to spend even more quality time with my family. We don’t have forever on this planet so what we do with our time is so important. My family is my rock and they keep me going. Everything I do, every obstacle I overcome, and every hour of work I put in each day is for them.

2. Set goals.
Not just once a year, but daily, monthly, bi-monthly, yearly.   Always be working towards something. Health and fitness goals are so much fun to tackle.  When we accomplish them, we can actually “see” the results very clearly.  When I set a fitness goal and accomplish it, it makes me soar in other areas of my life. I feel unstoppable, powerful, empowered!  If we don’t set goals, we have nothing to aim for, nothing to work for, so it becomes easy to lay low, relax, and not have a sense or urgency.  That’s not how we want to go through life.  We must always be reaching higher, wanting to do more, connect with more people, and transform more lives.

3. Find a great network of like-minded women.
When I first got into health and fitness, it was as a figure competitor.  I was on a training team and there were about four of us who would train together, grocery shop together, travel and compete together. No matter how we did at our competitions, we all still felt like winners because we were supporting each other and creating our own champion moments.  When that group dismantled, I felt alone and not so powerful at all. These days I have a whole team of thousands of women, Bikini Booty Club Fitness.  We are located all over the world; we unite on social media and motivate, encourage, and inspire each other.  The goals that many of the women are accomplishing are amazing!  We talk about business, love, careers – I feel like I have thousands of sisters all over the world. I never feel alone and always feel supported.

4. Dream BIG.
Constantly visualize, and listen to something motivational daily.  I have a ritual that I do every morning. I meditate, pray, and listen to or read at least 10 minutes of something motivational and inspiring.  Sometimes it’s spiritual and sometimes it’s from a successful entrepreneur or athlete. We have the power to determine the outcome of our days, experiences, and moods.   That’s why it’s crucial to start the day off on a positive note with strong intentions of positive outcomes.  What we think about we bring about, and I know that we all want to bring goodness, happiness, and success into our lives daily.

5. Always be active!
Whether it’s a daily workout or taking the stairs instead of the elevator, any form of exercise will cause us to release endorphins, which can be accompanied by a positive and energizing outlook on life.  Getting outdoors is a perfect way to do this. There’s something about the fresh air that really clears your mind. It’s amazing how a little exercise and fresh air can turn any situation into something much better!

6. Always be humble and grateful.
Once we acknowledge that everything we have comes from a higher power, we realize the importance of being grateful for everything that we have accomplished and done in this world. Staying humble helps us to veer away from developing egos and allows us to receive even greater rewards.  Take a moment out of your day to either think about what you are grateful for or give someone a call to let him or her know.  Spreading goodness is a great way to brighten someone’s day and in turn bring more positive experiences into your life.

7. Be daring and adventurous.
If we sit around always waiting for the right moment, life could very well pass us by.  We have to be daring, live for the moment, take chances and DARE to go after what we want.  This could mean doing something very small like taking a trip alone or something adventurous like climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro.  Whatever it is that you dream of doing, whether big or small, just DO IT!!

These are rules that I try my best to follow on a daily basis. Being an entrepreneur is not always easy so I have had to create a template to get me through the many obstacles that have come my way. I have found that bonding with like-minded, powerful women is a sure fire way to keep ourselves uplifted and empower us to be the successes that we were put on this earth to be!

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Written by Jana Stewart

I'm a lifestyle transformation coach.


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