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Casey Shipp: “Do Whatever It Takes To Get What You Want As Long As You Don’t Harm Yourself Or Anyone Else”

This article was first seen on the Huffington Post. For this installment, we are joined by Casey Shipp.

Let’s start off with a general introduction. How would you describe yourself, what are you all about and how did you get involved in health and fitness?

I would describe myself as .. A Teacher, Funny, Driven, Blunt, woman with a man’s mind at times. I am all about being myself – I am all about my work, kids and being successful (money, relationship, health & respect wise).

I got involved in fitness because I wanted to look hot.. second was that I started in the medical field and ended up healing people via fitness and nutrition vs medicine. I guess you could say I am a healer/teacher by nature.

Most people in your family suffered from heart disease at a young age – was that part of your motivation to live & stay healthy – to avoid similar health problems?

Yes, part of my motivation and what keeps me in check is knowing my family’s vices and their health history. I know that if I go a different path with food and exercise that I have a better chance at staying out of the doctor’s office and off medication. I also know that If I don’t exercise, I feel “off” or depressed, low self esteem and have less energy. So making appointments with myself daily, helps me take care of me so that I can take care of everyone else.

So you started working out and then at some point you decided to pull your husband into your new found passion as well. Tell me about that and the results he’s had?

After 2008 hit us – we had lost everything including health.. we got fat and unhealthy.. I started diving into fitness and nutrition. He lost 100 lbs and got a 6 pack during “the change”.

And that led to you working with other athletes as well. Aside from helping them lose weight, you also focus on the elimination of medication and diabetes. How does that work?

Yes! Skip, my husband was a former MLB player so we work with athletes. I noticed a lot of the coaches were unhealthy so we helped a few get off diabetes medication by altering diets and adding small amounts of exercise. We make slight changes to their lifestyle and over time, illness usually disappears or gets better.

You’ve also competed as a figure athlete – what made you decide to go for that and what have been some of the biggest lessons you’ve learned in the process?

Oh yes, after I got in the gym life I got inspired by figure olympians and watched girls at locals shows thinking.. I could do that. So, I did. one thing led to the next.. it turned into an obsession and I wanted to see If I could attain pro status with a well known respected federation and I did! WBFF!

I learned that I really don’t need to be so strict all the time to look great. I learned that competing is NOT the end all be all for success in the fitness industry.. I learned that the “look” of competition to the general public is not appealing. I learned that politics isn’t needed to go pro.. The WBFF had no clue who I was.. If you show up and are the best that day on stage.. you will win. Looking back… I would have not had such a chip on my shoulder about a lot of things.. I would have been more open minded about things like supplements, training, people and the process.

Casey Shipp Real Talk Real Women

On your website, you refer to yourself as a mediocrity and goal crusher – how do you set goals for yourself and how do you keep motivated to strive for more?

I set goals so high sometimes that they seem impossible. I say.. look around and see what everyone else is doing and do the opposite. Settling for less, jobs they hate, working for broke, wasteful spending, griping on Facebook or watching tv while they can’t find time to cook a healthy meal or train for 20 min, goal crusher, I say.. do whatever it takes to get what you want as long as you don’t harm yourself or anyone else 😉

You’ve just had your second child – congratulations!!! Did your pregnancy impacted your daily routine and lifestyle, if at all?

Thank you! I have been pregnant for almost 3 years!!! I am very excited to be DONE! Yes, while pregnant, I did the bare minimum for “casey standards” having a 1 years old, having a miscarriage, dealing with those hormones, getting pregnant right after and having another cesarean, while working and doing life.. was a learning process. However, I am very disciplined so I applied everything I knew about time management and schedules to aid in transition. I wanted back to back babies. I do not enjoy pregnancy. I prefer them on the outside 🙂

Talking about lifestyle how do you adopt a healthy lifestyle rather than go on a diet or follow a training plan for say 8 or 10 weeks?

Great question! I keep it low sugar or no added sugar in ingredients for the most part. I make sure to get lean protein with every meal even snacks. I make sure I eat something every 3-4 hours. If you do that.. It’s hard NOT to live a healthy lifestyle. I have learned what to eat at gas stations, fast food chains etc. so that no matter where I am.. I have access to protein and some type of carbohydrate because let’s face it.. Fat is in everything lol.

You’re all about no BS and no fluff and giving people real honest answers – how can people who are new to the game differentiate between the misinformation in the magazines / online versus actual, real info?

Oh wow! Another great question… I would say, go ahead and assume everyone is lying about something lol. Seriously, question everything and dig in a little. Make sure that the fitness model you follow lives a life that YOU want to live and is “liveable”. Do they seem to fluctuate in their photos, do they only have stage photos from 5 years ago and are now.. nothing like the photos in terms of physique? Claiming that “life happened”.. this is a sure sign that they are clueless. Follow someone that has what you want and then – do what they do – and know.. most people don’t always tell what they do.

As a professional athlete, model, wife, a mother and business owner – how do you balance it all?

I don’t lol.. trying to find balance creates stress or it did for me anyway. I list out priorities instead, like me/spiritual life or me time – husband-kids-work-fun time free time. If my priorities are in line.. everything is “balanced” as far as eating goes. It’s the same stance, there is no balance, I don’t have an eating disorder therefore nothing is “restricted” I follow my macro based food plan and have a meal or 3 during the week that I want If I choose 😉 I even drink wine a few nights a week 🙂

What are your biggest life goals?

Pull certain weight on my main lifts which will equal the body I want. To get about 400-500 members per month on my new website. Having healthy babies!!!!! My little one will be a year old next year, move into a new rental home and open a new warehouse facility with my husband, also having a great nanny! New car maybe? I currently have a coupe with two kids haha.

Life goals, have health, wealth, and respect. Incredible health (mental and physical) for my family and myself – wealth – I need about 20 to 50 million so I can enjoy life the way I want, help other people the way I want and to give back to my community (ex: children in the community – to provide something or give so they don’t have to go without) while providing businesses for my children to take over once I’m gone.

Where can people go to learn more about you online?

You can stay up to date by following me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube as well as my website.

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Written by Miriam Khalladi

I guess you could call me the founder of "Real Talk. Real Women." - I'm on a mission to inspire women around the globe to live happier and healthier lives and do this by sharing the stories and life lessons of some of the most inspirational women on the planet!


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